Twisted Insane
Black Magic
[Gang fight]

They knew I had...
They knew I had that heat huh
My shit is right by me
Hand me that motherfuckin blunt
This motherfucka, I gotta dry this bitch first

[Verse 1: Twisted Insane]
[Dissin?] my body with flames, [coat this ice?]
Homie, ya better be ready for war when walkin down the street at night n'
Ready with hand on the gauge
For n***as that run up or wanna get diesel
Run up on me, there is no sequel
Motherfucker, the bullet will meet you
To bury your body in river for n***as that run up and [got that?]
Stop that!
Homie, because we all know where you been shot at
This n***a wanna get down?
Heck, my n***as wanna get down too!
Run up on us and kick up dust
Watchin how fast we [clowned?] you
[?] a 40 ounce bottle [while feelin?] that ganja
Lucifer turn on my demons to make me do everything, even if choppin off nostrils
I walk in the do'
Look for the money, for penny, then hurry and sell
You n***as, ya better be ready [and lose the first penny?] just because of the smell
N***a be walkin through Hell
Head for this murder and keepin the death
Put one in ya [nut?] when I'm bussin my tech, [filled off?] with the tech and get off of the set
This ain't the right flow...
For n***as that really don't wanna be bussin
Step over homie, we feel that we differ, we on a mission, n***a no discussion
[Chorus: Twisted Insane]
Do you want to know black magic? [Black magic!]
Where yo ass can get smashed fo' pickin up savine [That's real]
And fuckin with them psychos
And bustin with the rifles
We n***as best sight no [What?!]
Muthafuckas you ain't never seen me before you hit the do'
[?] [mmmm...]
[?] like a habit [Gotta have it]
So come into my room and let me teach you black magic

[Verse 2: Catmandu]
It had happened one Saturday night, I was [mobbin?] like a muthafucka, down in [sick and the loony?] street
Smokin on some hydroponic trees
Me and my [peep?] was plottin on a come up
Imma burn somethin like a skinny ho, can't cook in the mornin
If you sleepin, we creepin
Givin n***as dirt naps
I'm hurtin, for certain
And homie you don't wanna see [Cat?]
187, don't listen to eleven
[?] n***a's pockets and king-sized mantles n'
Shit's gettin funky like them [?] [clumps?] flattenin
Couldn't clean like a surgeon, make you bloody like a virgin
Only God can judge me and I'm wonderin will I ever see [Pac?] again, I'm livin [straight?] for this life and I know I'm gonna murder somethin
Twisted Insane got the gauge, gon' pop somethin
If this [?] go good, homie we gon' cop somethin
Break it down, bag it up, and hit the block all in the same night, this black magic'll have you seein lights

[Verse 3: Twisted Insane]
One off for the dojo
Sufferin one to the dome [?] my composure
Circle and salt when I'm doin the voodoo and lightin a candle and urn for the [mojo?]
And leavin em all in the dirt
So n***as that take out they stomach and fill em with bullets, you know about puttin in work
I'm never the one to be [lit in the car?] [?] feelin the booster
[?] when off of Medusa
40 ounce and a Ruger, dumpin on n***as that really don't wanna be fucked with
Hop out the model when off of the bottle and catch [?] slippin right in front of ya bucket
Catch ya slippin right in front of ya bucket
My n***as will [brack em?] all to the brain
Look into they eyes and [happen?], watch how fast these n***as [?] when they encounter the flames
Burnin bodies like the ashes and urns, I'm ready to learn why these n***as are sicker
Dumpin with so much artillery, n***as they feelin me when I be off of the liquor
Sick and the quicksand's gettin thicker
And all the O.E. is just killin my liver
So passionate for bein [?] [mixin you?] with the wicked elixir
Hopin you n***as is gettin your fixer
Off of my shit cause I do be a savage
Meetin your doom when you enter the room...
Black magic