Twisted Insane
Shoot To Kill
That's how I do my sh*t, n***a
I keeps the weed n***a
You know what I'm sayin homie?
N***a, when I do my sh*t n***a
N***as get they head split

Hell mothaf**kin yeah!
Shoot for the face n***a
It's how we get down n***a, every motherf**kin day homie, you know what I'm sayin, we shoot for the face n***a
Some n***as is on somethin n***a, that's what, that's what n***as is doin n***a
N***as just done hit the corner n***a and peeled another n***a's cap tonight
You know what I'm sayin?
[It's with?] you and your motherf**kin ride n***a
Hittin switches [in the?] muthaf**kin [night light?] n***a
Movin... listenin to this insane sh*t, listenin to this muthaf**kin brainsick sh*t b*t*h
You know what I'm sayin and I am Twisted Insane in this muthaf**ka, high and lit
You know what I'm sayin, just like you motherf**kers, n***as, same a** n***as
You know what I'm sayin, just like you muthaf**kers
And I'm just, n***a, shootin for the face n***a
Still n***a
Always n***a, shoot for the face n***a, real wit it all the time n***a
Keep your motherf**kin heat with you n***a, while you ridin n***a
N***a, shoot to kill...