Twisted Insane
Smoke, Drink, Eat, F#&K
This motherf**ka had my sh*t
Ya know
Put ya guards up homie

[Verse 1]
Now how many of these muthaf**kas want they mouth split?
One hundred and fifty G's on studio time, no this is house sh*t
[Slip and?] never again will have no house b*t*h
[?] and no extinguisher can douse this
Murder music is what you hearin up outta ya [renavato?] with an XBOX on [the flow?] to play the Halo
With n***as [that ain't?] never been it, they go...
Hit a n***a's brains with Prego
Smear a n***a blood on the bagel
I'm one of them [?] mini boat b*t*hes up in my state

[Hook x4]
Smoke, drink, eat, f**k

And muthaf**kas iiiiiiiis, yeah... [da da]
Listenin to that G sh*t n***a, that brainsick sh*t uh
So I'd invite you to just sit back and listen
Open ya ear wax, sit back and n***a just...

[Verse 2]
Listen to what I say when I do spit sh*t
Like some of these n***as is hatin... and some of these n***as addicted
Runnin up on me like "Twisted, Twisted, Twisted!"
I do any and everything if you listen to this sh*t
In this b*t*h, happen to be the one to never f**k with me
Now the b*t*hes wanna f**k with me like a n***a got em all stuck on me
And I don't really give a f**k about these rap hoes
Hit em with venom and send em right out the back do'
Anyway, I move in through the dark
Move in with the guards
While I move in on the park and you move in on the heart
[Lest?] n***as'll get ya sh*t bit by the bark
Sh*t bit in the dark, [?]
Dump at the skylark
Don't stop till his b***hole's in the gas tank and the sh*t blow
N***a, then it's time to get ghost
Muthaf**kas wanna act like they got 64s, but I been pimpin and [gatherin?] b*t*hes cause n***a I got 64s...

Yeah! [da da]
[Gun shots]