Twisted Insane
Better Days
[Verse 1: Twisted Insane]
Maybe imma see a better day but does that matter?
I ain’t got no money and i’m hungry
Everyone around me getting faded
I was on the corner blowing dosia with the munchies
No money in my pocket but there’s money on my mind
Maybe we could get a couple dollars for a shine, that’s what we think
Try to get some money, do this shit the legal way so tell me how the fuck I end up in the precinct
I can’t even go out and be a villain
Not nowadays with these motherfuckers tellin'
Everybody over, yellin'
When i catch ‘em slippin’ imma split a n***a melon
People always tryna talk sense to a n***a, i was always lost in the bottle
I know that i need to slow down, but my brain’s always on full throttle
And Imma take another 40 bottle put it to my brain and flow insane and imma just sit around and drum up in the paint and imma look you in the eyes and promise you that i would not waste one dime
And there ain't no running when you pennin wit the enemy and maybe in the sanctuary but
N***as look around and be and nothing really changed we all still getting slayed by one time

I wish i had a little money in my pocket and I didn’t have to starve and be chargin for features
Everytime im in the crowd i be feelin hella different like marvin the martian the creature
I be buried in the black smoke
People thinkin' i be good with no pain and no care in this world
The reaper comin' i don’t even know what i’m running from
As long as i get to care for my boys and my girls
I hope for better days

See i go hard on a mission
And i need all of my chips
You deny me you should lay low
I spent my days in the kitchen
To stay away from your bitching
To make that shit that you should pay for
But i put myself in this situation
I being so theres nobody but me to put the blame on
And i wish my days could be better but i was made for this weather
So i keep pushing till the rain's gone

[verse 2:]
I'm 'bout to lose my mind

[verse 3:]