Twisted Insane
In The Wind
Mmhmm... That's real
It's so amazing, ya feel me?
It's so amazing, y'all feel me on this?
Man, I need y'all to feel me on this, n***a whatever you gotta do to feel me on this muthafucker
Take ya glass or muthafuckin drink, n***a, getchya muthafuckin weed like
Ay, ay, ay, let em know who you is homie...

[Verse 1]
That n***a that's (tryin the E?)
(Kept smokin the weed?) and take off with the heat
N***as don't know about Twisted Insane when I'm dumpin away, (got the body deceased?)
Hit em with two and then one to the noggin, dumpin on n***as like I was bin laden, al-Qaeda ya, puttin these bodies in coffins
Finally somebody sicker that's droppin
Puttin these bodies in death when I pop em
(A prophecit?) like I was Christopher Walken
(Insidious til I run ovah ya?) doster
Run up on n***as, so sick about talkin bout what they was talkin
Feelin they mad cause they bitches was (gawkin) "who's that n***a walkin?!"
Twisted Insane, bitch!
And I feed yo brain bitch!
(No fuck around when ya?) come to the house because I eat yo brain bitch!
(That brainsick)
Uh, yeah you can say that again
Ya bettah go tell the Vatican that imma have to get the bat again
Doin (?) so n***a fuck Anakin cause I'm Darth Vader
(You, come to the dark side!)
A hundred and fifty seconds later, (all these?) (?) died and I was smashin away, flag hangin in the dark ride