Twisted Insane
Gangsta (Part 2)
And we one one
The homie came in this motherf**ker 4:45 in the morning with a bottle of Jack
Man, this motherf**ker twisted
And it don't stop
And it won't stop

[Verse 1]
You don't wanna f**k
Put you in the trunk, get sawed on, n***a
[?] young n***a
Let me ride
(Pull up on ya when you with yo b*t*h, what brackin home'?)
Let me ride
(Pull up on ya when you with yo b*t*h, what brackin home'?)
They don't wanna trip
I got a bottle and a b*t*h on my lap, what's happenin'
Party on my sh*t, n***a that I know gives the gat 'fore we scrappin'

You ain't put in, n***a
(You ain't put in this, n***a. Come up off that, n***a. Pa** that motherf**ka.)

Come up off the [?], n***a
(You ain't rich mu'f**ka. Come up off them skinny a** jeans. You're bringin' kids to.. Aye, son come here. Aye, where you from?
- Brainsick. What you talkin' about?

-Aye, son we gotta show them with the tongue in cheek what this Chuck T's. Aye son, tell them where you learn how to dress like that

-I learned from the best

And what do we say about them ones?


You know anybody that think they can just come up in here and tangle with the brainsick

We smash 'em around here

Hell yeah. alright son good looking. brain


N***a this that gangsta music
N***a this that gansta music
What happened to the homies that used to bang out in the street
With they D**kies sagging off they a** and Chuck Taylor's on they feet?
Man, f**k them skinny jeans
"Bruh" - That sh*t is not gangsta
That ain't gangsta (no it ain't)
Don't forget about this motherf**kin' late night tearing
2015, n***a
Brainsick motherf**kin' Muzik
Keep it gangsta