Twisted Insane
About You
[Verse 1: Twisted Insane]
I used to hit the club with all the buds and always searchin' for a real bitch
They always end up tellin' me they love me, but I really never feel shit
I used to pull that mask up on my face and hop out homie on the ill tip
I'm livin' everyday without a penny to my name and still I feel rich
I never ask for something, I was supposed to be a nothing off of dust of n***a murder, murder, kill quick
Highlight "Murder Kills"
Fill em with the shit that make em sick, and bitch, I'm hard enough to deal with
You fallin' like you wuss-y
I never had no money, had to work to make it, either that or steal shit
And I would walk up to a motherfucker put a pistol in his face and tell 'em "N***a, this a ill whip"
Now, homie, that's some real shit
I wake up everyday and wonder when a n***a'll die, I know its getting close
I know a motherfucka hella young, but these little n***as packing guns, so homie you don't ever know
I could walk into the liquor store to get a 40
N***as slide up on me with the Michael Jackson moonwalk
Now, I don't even know if he was tryna say hello or fucking tripping
N***a, you know how the 'shrooms talk
Now watch how loud the room got
Now, someone tell me why this bitch is (wastin all my time?) when I was dead broke
Then why a n***a had to grow up all around the bullets and the lead smoke
You never know when this shit's done, try to cherish every minute that you're left with
You should never leave with nothing cause you're daddy and, man, you never even said shit
It hurts cause you let him win, death win

[Hook x2: Redro Killson]
I tried, I tried, I tried
I tried to give a fuck
About you, oh
[Verse 2: Twisted Insane]
Nobody ever really cared about me, i was treated like i wasn't there
Made me end up thinkin' I was nothin' but some dust up in the fuckin' air
Everybody told me I would never make it with this music, wanna quit
Made a couple albums, never really made a thousand before "On My Shit"
But I keep the brain on sick
Take a hit off the bong and I'm feeling like I'm floating on a monorail
Tryna put some food in the stomach of my kids from the album sales
Tryna make enough before they put me in the coffin and i'm long gone
You never know when you will go I mean it this could really be my last song, sad song

[Hook x2: Redro Killson]
I tried, I tried, I tried
I tried to give a fuck
About you, oh

[Outro: Twisted Insane]
Now, I didn't choose this motherfuckin' path I'm walking
This path chose me
I'm just walking this motherfucker trying to find out where it lead me to
It's lead me all around the world
I thank you
I thank you for taking the time out of you life to come inside of my life
And i mean it
That's why when I go to these motherfucking shows man, I be out there with the crowds
I be out there with the fans, I be with these motherfuckers, man
Cause I feel I am these motherfuckers, and that’s real
Ain’t no difference between you and me homie
We all the same
They say you can’t do it
But I believe, I believe in you just like you believed in me
That shit means so much to me homies and homettes
Until we meet again