Twisted Insane
Sweet Dreams (Voodoo)
[Intro x4] (A deeper vocal can be heard echoing behind this saying: "diabolic".)
Murder, bloody murder, n***a
Murder, bloody murder, bitch

[Verse 1: Twisted Insane]
People say I remind them of Michael
Myers, rippin' n***as up with pliers like I'm psycho
Smash 'em with the mask on, KILL 'EM
Then hit the freeway gas and pass you n***as, my tank filled up with nitro
Ain't nobody fuckin' with me when I was dead broke
A bum sleepin' on a park bench with nothin' to smoke
Askin' I would ask can I just take a toke
And everyone of you motherfuckers would all try to get ghost

And now all the sudden n***as wanna act like they my best friend
Roll blunts up for the shows and free bottles of Hen'
You can find a n***a with a bitch up in the back
And that's some bullshit I ain't fuckin' with
Drunk with a big pump, 'bout to sin
Hit a n***a with the one-two like I'm Popeye off spinach
Always the one poppin' it out, don't stop till I'm finished
Humphrey Bogart, I go hard, these n***as think they so hard
I reach up in they soul and make 'em show me they limits

Walkin' like a scene from your nightmare, I'm right there
With a chainsaw, you look like you just saw a ghost
Everybody and they motherfuckin' mama know, I will go
All up into your spot and be doin' the most
Bloodstains when the slugs came, n***a, silverback gorilla shit
Really get my rocks off when the sawed off's just killin' shit
Black mamba venomous, hangin' like an orangutan
Bangin' all you n***as with this silverback gorilla shit
Ugly as Chewbacca but I'm a doctor with this wordplay
Annoying as them n***as in malls askin' you for surveys (surveys)
Run up in you and hit you in the worst way
And I don't really give a shit if it's your motherfuckin' birthday
Never really gave a fuck though, I'm cutthroat, leanin'
People comin' at me everyday for the new shit, they fiendin'
Quit your daydreamin'
Twisted Insane ready to hit your muthafucking brain up, I am the Last Demon!

[Outro x5]
I am the Last Demon!