Twisted Insane
Brain Damage
Right here, right here n***a, pull up. Pull up right here
It's the brown one?
Nah, it's that one right there
Come on
Quiet n***a, you walkin' loud than a motherfucka
Damn near tip-toein n***a
IP address said it was this house right here
Don't knock n***a, ring the doorbell n***a; don't knock
N***as be woofing all that shit on the internet;
Think n***as won't show up to their motherfuckin' hou...
Here he come..
[door opens]
Come on n***a
[car doors slam, engine turns over and tires screech away]

[Verse 1: King I.S.O.]
I'm sick of n***as on the internet
Make a n***a wanna get a TEC
Then I gotta hit him in the neck
Everybody I know I've been a vet
Flow cancerous, whole can and just
Smoke a n***a like a cigarette
Wet him up like sherm n***a
But hold up dawg I ain't finished yet
N***as always wanna wolf like they banged out
Wanna talk about a n***a but nobody wanna be callin out my name out
Wanna act so hard, til' a n***a find out where you hang out
Then I come through with a four five and I blow a pussy n***a brains out
Now you got a bloodstained couch, you know it's them got a stained blouse
With a man in front of the same house with a clay on like a stake out
You better be duckin', I'm ready to buzz on any n***a like a grayhound
You can even be with yo kids at the playground
Treat the body like a steakhouse, you don't wanna get laid out
Better fuck you all night, tryna hear me with the hate now
It was all cool until I said you better hit my PayPal
Wanna talk shit well guess what I know where you stay now
I don't know why motherfuckas be thinking it's some game n***a
Fuck around and get murdered homie, you dealing with them grave diggers
N***as ain't no artist with a gun, me and my n***as paint pictures
Owe me, I OD, get popped like some pain killers
Me and my n***as dangerous, pop a n***a in the pancreas
Mad man with a gat man I swear I'm the angriest
Put that man in the trash can with a bag man who you playin' with?
Batman with a catscan? I swear he's on some crazy shit
Damn right
Frankenstein ask me where my screw's at
These n***as ain't psychos, I got paperwork to prove that
Bet my son eat these pussy n***as like some fruit snacks
On the hood, I get up on a n***a head like a doo rag
Shout out to my Loc n***as, where the real Damus at?
Esses, and the Juggalos, Brainiacs where you at?
Ever catch a n***a hating on brainsick, homie, better shoot that motherfucker right in his face like Insane, n***a we do that
[Hook: Twisted Insane - 2X]
Come get your brain damaged! - What?
N***as actin' like a motherfucka when I pull up at ya house and burn a bitch up like I'm savage
Come get your brain damaged! - But!...
People be thinkin' it's safe until I'm in the bitch and murderin' ?they kids?, I could let 'em have it

[Verse 2: Bleezo]
Psychopathic, I’m a sicko
Bodybag a n***as kenfolk
Problematic with an automatic shooting hollow tips at your benzo
Skitzo-phrenic when I mix a shot of gnqc with the indo
Tip-toe through a n***a’s pad and leave his mom and dad with a slit throat
Then get ghost in a Pontiac with my pockets fat what they hit fo'?
Shipped a couple packs to my n***a sav told me “ship mo”
Catch me up in the trap getting these racks out of a thick hoe
In it to win it and ripping bitch n***as in half if my chips low
Affilated with damu’s and piru’s that cock tools and pop fools, and leave a n***a with his wig blown
Sicc-n-vicious infected with that cannibalistic syndrome
Savage with it ammunition and blast n***as until the clips gone
Factor business i stacking chips on the ave with 36 zones
In a black infinity crack the henny and snap quicker than a wishbone
When I step in the function and I’m clutching and n***a if it’s really funk then I’m dumping motherfuckers slumped
Yeah cause is the last thing you want to be tripping on
Does Kleatus know I’m strapped?
Young bleezo goes beast mode when I’m breathing on the track
Getting C notes on the d-lo, moving kilos of crack
Off of weed smoke with a freak hoe getting deep throat in the back of a lac' better believe hoe I’m a Mack
I’m slapping cbo when I’m reloading the gat
Like a Jordan Jersey I’ll put 23 holes in your back
Been killing shit since 02 got the og’s quoting my raps
And if you’re trying to get a feature i'ma need more than a rack
Cway mixed with the brainsick get cha face split with that fake shit Mr wade spit then It’s greatness
(Behold cause I’m back)
I slang zips on the late shift getting paid chips when your main bitch bet these fake niggers gonna hate that
(Bleezo is on the map)
Gripping the stainless and anxious to put a peek hole in your hat
N***a I’m faded and wasted sipping on lean gone off of wax
Lyrically heinous and Dangerous
So let the streets know that I’m back
Twisted Insane and King ISO featuring Bleezo, it’s a rap!
[Interlude: Twisted Insane]
*We're sorry, the number you have dialed is not in service at this time*
N***a, you gotta be mothafuckin' kiddin' me, n***a!
This mothafucka gave me the wrong number?!
Heh.. heh heh heh... Get my car keys!

[Hook: Twisted Insane - 2X]
Come get your brain damaged! - What?
N***as actin' like a motherfucka when I pull up at ya house and burn a bitch up like I'm savage
Come get your brain damaged! - But!
People be thinkin' it's safe until I'm in the bitch and murderin' ?they kids?, I could let 'em have it

[Verse 3: Twisted Insane]
Sick of mothafuckas all up in a n***a face and talkin' 'bout a battle
Combination like abomination make a n***a wanna go and tattle
Freddy Krueger, run up to you, put the gun up in you, whack him like a faggo
I'm already knowin' I'mma kill a mothafucka anyway because he will go babble
Click-clack, pistol whippin' and I eat him like he was a Kit-Kat
You ain't gotta pay attention but you're gonna listen, little n***a, this that
Shit that make you wanna murder anybody comin' at you sidways
Like I'm a Tyrannosaurus, I'm a carnivore, I make your bitches' pussy wanna fit that
They don't wanna see gorilla that'll eat a n***a like he was a deep dish
Pizza, happy to finally meet ya, I'm still off Ol' English
Everybody lookin' at a mothafucka like a n***a full of favors
But I put it on my mama when I tell you I bring drama, I mean this
They want no part of me, I leave a n***a drawers full of shitstains
So sick of n***as on the internet talkin' 'bout they do big thangs
When I find and meet 'em face to face I pull up in a '83 you go
Lookin' like a funny daddy when they run up on me I be like 'N***a, here. This lame'
Hate to be that one mothafucka, but yeah, n***a, I'm that guy!
Get off in the dome, ?raise up and moan?, yeah, bitch, it's the bad guy
Ain't nobody on my radar, you can play hard, it's a act, ?guy?
I'm Incredible hopefully got my n***a for my ?stomach? n***a with a black eye
Voodoo, better think about it real long 'fore you say shit
The hardest n***as on the underground, ain't nobody fuckin' with the Brainsick!
All a n***a know is I'm so dope I don't say shit
I pull out my dick, put it up in a bitch for motivation
Mothafuckas know who rock, no, I'm not no 2Pac
Walk up on 'em with a mask on and stretch a n***a like tube socks
What the fuck you mean you get the bitch on your team when
She suck a n***a dick every time I see the ho like *gagging*
N***a, that's on mamas, you don't want that drama
Little homies that'll pull up at your spot and let loose with the llamas
I don't really give a shit about what n***as talkin' 'bout up on the internet
I'm gonna catch a n***a face to face and I'mma kill a mothafucka like Osama