Twisted Insane
Bloody Mary
[Intro: Twisted Insane]

[Verse 1: Twisted Insane]
Walk up in this muhf**ka lookin' like a killa
N***as get to runnin' when they see the Brain
Feelin' like a n***a was Godzilla
So I give a sh*t about what any o' you b*t*hes say
Plus I'm known to hit you b*t*hes all up with some mean d**k
All up in your stomach when you need the pipe
Her hubby on a trip OT
Bet this lil' horny muhf**ka callin' me tonight
I be up in it a hundred and forty-five minutes workin' pu**y
Blood, I'm like the Energizer Bunny, n***a
Keep goin' and keep goin' and keep goin'
She be moanin' 'Daddy', this ain't motherf**kin' funny, n***a
Diggin' up into the pu**y like I'm drillin' for some oil
D**k squirtin' on her like a nozzle
The b*t*h is hella mothaf**kin' old, dinosaur
Pu**y feelin' like it was a fossil
And then I'mma kill, they never to find you when I hide the body
I'm dippin' up in the pu**y till it's soggy
I'm fistin' up in the sh*t like it's karate
I'm waxin' the mothaf**ka like a n***a was Miyagi (Wax on!)
Sick, bloody pu**y, I'm a fiend for it
She time of the month, well, that's when you hit me for it
I got this sh*t these b*t*hes pay a G for it
Move me up in they pad and give me all they f**kin' keys for it
Cause she be like 'I want that Brainsick d**k', that sh*t is brackin'
Wolverine the pu**y like a n***a Hugh Jackman
Told her to get up and get me a sammich, I'mma be snackin'
Twenty minutes later, n***a, I'mma be swackin'
Walk up on this muhf**ka, hop up on a movie
Wanna hop up on the booty, I'm like 'Baby, what's happenin'?'
She told me it's her time of the month, that's season for my lunch
Now a n***a really wanna get to snackin'
Bloody Mary

[Chorus: Dayo G & Twisted Insane]
Eh, eh, eh
Say the name three times in the mirror
(Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary)
Don't be scared, say it loud, can't hear ya!
(Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary)
You can feel the cold breeze when I'm near
(Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary)
-Had me screamin' out loud 'Bloody Mary'! (5X)

[Verse 2: Twisted Insane]
[?] d**k and yeah, she learned to swallow all the semen
Baby, won't you walk up in the bedroom with a demon?
The Bloody Mary witch is like Candyman, remember?
Say his name five times and you motherf**kin' see him
You really don't wanna be seein' him when you went to take a p*ss
Aimin' for the toilet but you miss
Talk about she really hear the sh*t
Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, now she p*ssed
Comin' up outta that motherf**kin' mirror like a demon stalkin'
What in the f**k you think, ho, that's a demon walkin'
I be in my motherf**kin' own sound
Once you n***as try'na walk around and be the new 2Pac and
With your new school rockin', skinny a** jeans
Somebody hurry up and tell me this a motherf**kin' joke
Talk about you bad and your swag, it's so sad
It's the reason I don't listen to the f**kin' radio
Come on a mission where the witch is Bloody Mary
N***a, quit your b*t*hin', don't be scared
Did you bring the situation here?
I will take you right up to the spot where you'll be buried
Walk up in the dirt, now rest the body, n***a, six feet
I'm marinatin', chewin' on some pig's feet
You ask me what I did with his limbs, took 'em up in the
Back and then I turned that sh*t to mince meat
I be on that night time sh*t, n***a, Brainsick realla
Charles Manson and the Zodiac Killa
Don't even come close to what's in my mind
And when it is my time, I be like a f**kin' Godzilla
Or the Human Gorilla, all mixed in one, weigh a ton
I've arisen from the belly of the beast
Hopin' that you're ready for the swallowin'
Ain't nobody followin', you witches get the ditches, f**k peace
Bloody Mary