Twisted Insane
Another Face in The Window
They're all the same..
And here am I...
Born of a lost cause...

[Verse 1: Twisted Insane]
3 in the morning, she was asleep
Little did she know that her ex-boyfriend was on creep
Found out that she had a foursome with he, he, and he
Now he full of vengeance, knowin' no repentance, he wants to ping ping ping ping!
Tiptoed the apartment building with the janitor who be up all night
He made it to the bitch's door and covered up the hole and then he knocked real light
Got up out the bed and put the slippers on and started walking down the hall
He was waitin' like a human Satan for the mutilation with a saw, right?
She checked her watch and turned the light
Who the fuck is coming down my door at this time of night?
Only her ex-boyfriend ?Brady? and he hella crazy with a fuckin' knife
As soon as she hit the door, she gon' hit the floor
And he will go slice
Fuck, baby woke up now he is crying
?Braddy? still at the door, ain't that just perfect timing?
You can bet a million dollars, put it up and he won't be kind
Now you was laying dead up on the floor
Nobody know, press rewind
They're all the same..
And here am I...
Born of a lost cause...

[Verse 2: Twisted Insane]
?Braddy? pulled her up out the door
Chewing on her flesh, swallowin' lungs down his throat
Psycho like he Michael Myers, pulling out pliers for her toast
?Or be? gurgling with her blood like that shit was some stoke
?Braddy? watched the tape, yes, he seen it
She was coming at him with the normal
"You know, it don't really even mean shit"
He couldn't get the image out his head of her pretty pussy creamin
The way she bent over and took the dick, just screamin' and screamin'
He went in the shack and dug through that rubble
Pushin' through the hammers and the monkey wrenches, try'na find that shovel
Threw her body in the trunk, hit the freeway about 45 minutes away
Started diggin' like a motherfucker but it really wasn't that subtle
7-year-old Bobby fishin' lookin' for his daddy and he seen it
Body hangin' out the trunk, ?Braddy? lookin' like he didn't even mean it
Bobby thinkin' to himself, 'this can't be real, I must be dreaming'
?Braddy? put the pistol to his head and told him 'act like you did not see shit'
[Hook - 2X]
They're all the same..
And here am I...
Born of a lost cause...

*music fades away, another one comes in*

They know I be on my realla, killa, killa, n***a, shit (4X)

Keep tellin' you n***as I am not the usual
So sad, toe-tag, put 'em in the bag, n***a, that Voodoo-

*car door slam*