Twisted Insane
[Twisted Insane]
I wake up and hear what'cha all get to figurin'
Out what the fuck it's 'bout
I knew what was comin' already, I mean I've been
Livin' life as a demon
I think about killin' 'em all from the time I wake
Until I go to sleep, im in the gunner seat
Then I will dump the heat until a
Motherfucker is not breathin'
Murder in the dark got me in the dark with a map
To the devil himself
I never give two shits about anyone, I kill
Only the matter it felt!
I done committed so many different sins
And really it ain't no way for me to win and
It be kinda foolish if I ask the question
Am I goin' to a heaven or hell?
People all fear what they can't see
Most of you people do pray to Jesus
You need somethin' to believe in, when you die
You don't wanna go face Diablo
I fill 'em and pill 'em with venom and pain
They will be lovin' my name, goin' Insane for the brain
When I'm tying up motherfuckers like I was a Tonko
I'm all for n***as and bitches who want somethin'
Different in they cup
And sick of the same everyday bullshit that they
Hear in the industry
I've been murderin' n***as for so many days in so many ways
You lookin' for them, n***a, hit the club
You lookin' for me, homie, I be in the street
(Bitch ass n***a fuck yo life n***a!)
I lurk around the corner, any minute they be comin' to get
Murdered by the hands of a heathen
When you run up outta breath, I will hop up and do voodoo
With the heater, put a stand to your breathin'
Put a n***a head up in the grass, with a hatchet really fast
They gon' have to get to mansion retrievin'
Incredible and when I really smash, I will run up on that ass
Clack clack, get back for you, peep it
Imagine a life where you wake up and you in a
Room that's filled with psychos
Then maybe you wanna kill everyone but you're
Afraid to take the leap
I have no religion so I never sin
So it's really nothin' for me to just
Do it again and again when I'm puttin' a
Motherfucker like you straight to sleep
I woke up a demon, I sleep by the heater, the
Pistol will stay by my bed
When I go to the preacher I tell him I'm prayin' to
Jesus but they cannot save me, I'm dead
And im hopin' one day that I can be normal lookin'
Because evil'll stay in my head
The Devil reached out to me tellin' me one day come on in, yeah, that's what Satan had said!
I pick up my pistol and then I put it to my
Dome and I'm thinkin' 'bout endin' it all
I'm skitzo affected, I really just wanna get
Better so I will not give in at all
I never will deal with the shit that we went through so
I guess I gotta blame it on the law
And then I go pick up my pistol and then I hit
The police station, start killin' 'em all!
I'm knowin' a lot of 'em prob'ly don't fuck with me
Cause of my views on religion
All that I see is division, thinkin' 'bout
All of the murders of Muslim and Christians
I pick up a Bible and pick a Quran up but
Then I think 'what is the difference?'
Like why in the fuck are we killin' eachother like
All my gang members for instance?
I feel like I'm Twisted, Root of All Evil
Because I've been havin' some Visions
Everyone packin' a pistol so I just
Gotta keep everybody at a distance
Will I ever get to heaven is one of my questions
Because of the way that I'm livin'
Or will a motherfucker keep on killin' people
Then burn slow like an incense
Shooting and shouting
I been ridin' with a heater cause I know a lot of n***as prob'ly
Wanna see a killa in the grave
But I bet you I'mma hit it with the venom when I gotta be the
N***a that'll put a hollow tip up in your brain!
It's a lot of n***as talkin' 'bout they sick up in the brain
Talkin' 'bout they murder n***as but I hit 'em with the thang
Talkin' 'bout he was a homie but I know it wasn't funny so I
Catch a n***a slippin' then I gotta let it BANG!
I don't really give a shit about you n***as, I'm a psycho
Run up on a n***a with a fully loaded rifle
Lot of n***as trippin' on me and I'm real in it
But I'mma let a n***a have it and I put that on the bible!
Run up on a n***a then I hit 'em when I finish 'em and
Put 'em in a river, n***a, really that's survival
When they find the body I'mma hit 'em with a semi, you could
Run into somebody, motherfucker it was ISO!
[C. Ray]
Everybody wanna talk all that shit about
Me but behind me
And I'm wonderin' what it's gon' be, whether
That they can say to my face
Cause you little n***as ain't as big as you
Talkin' on record, this time he
Get to speakin' and blood'll be leakin'
I eat 'em and say 'my grace'!
And they hate it when I get the upper hand
Hate it when I get to grippin', stick 'em with the
Blade and throw 'em in the fuckin' van
And I don't wanna hurt nobody but I let my
N***as do one for a couple grand
That way I don't gotta touch 'em and I won't
Contaminate my motherfuckin' hands, SO
Tell me what you thought it was, homie
No bitch, I hit you with the slug, homie
Oh shit I got a bit of blood on me
It's nothin'
They never stick it to me and they gon' see
Treat the legal system like a n***a
You can bet I beat it like the police!
And you can bet I been up in the game
Long enough, consider me a veteran
Better than... anybody at the table
Fed 'em like they never been Then I grin
Cause I know there's no escape and wherever they at
I get the pen, and stick a phony with it
Wicked with the homie K-lab!