Twisted Insane
Somethin’ Scary (Skit)
[Twisted Insane]
Yea n***a...
Turn yo' punk a** over!
(come on n***a...)
Yea wa**up now n***a
(We supposed to be boys!)
Don't be actin' like no little b*t*h now n***a, you supposed to be some sort a G n***a
(Come on Insane man, hey don't do this sh*t man)
Hey look at this motherf**ka now homie,(man i love you man, don't do this sh*t man) cryin' like a little b*t*h
(Come on man)
Hey what happened to all that sh*t you was sayin on the phone n***a?
(man i didn't even say sh*t man, I don't- i wasn't even talkin that sh*t)
Yea you was real tough on the phone there n***a
(Come on man you know me n***a) Oh yea? speak with this gun in yo' mouth n***a
Yea whats that you was sayin on the phone now n***a? yea what was you sayin?... aw this n***a think i'm..
Hold on, take this homie, i don't need no gun n***a
(hey come on man- man don't- oh what the fu-) wanna see somethin scary motherf**ker?
(oh hell no man hell no, man you ain't even no- no! what the- n***a you ain't even no motherf**kin human being, YOU AIN'T EVEN NO HUMAN BEING N***A F**K NO!, N***A COME ON PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE N***A PLEASE I DON'T WANNA DO THIS SH*T)
Ha ha ha ha....