Twisted Insane
Sad Song
[Verse 1: Twisted Insane]
Feelin like there's no motivation
At least not as much as back in the day
But when you say that people tell you that you hatin'
I'm really thinking that I should back out the game
It's tough when everyone paying close attention
Can't wait for me to drop the ball
Everybody in my circle telling me they coming like some henchmen
But I ain't hear that shit at all
When I wake up the first thing I gotta do is roll the weed up
Blow it to my dome and take a dab
Sit up on my couch and put my feet up
Then put my son up on the bus, I'm an amazing dad
Then walk back in the door, my daughter tell me that she hungry
I hook up her because I really have no help
I make a sandwich with a little bit of lunch meat
Do her hair and get her dressed I do it by myself
Then hop up on the bat phone off another phat one
And they always wanna know what they dad's on
I love the smile on they face when I'm back home
And asking me, why I'm always making sad songs
You make a penny bitch I grew up with nothing
You got your jewelry on, n***a quit fronting
Grew up with momma on the rocks always puffin'
And all these visions of my momma gettin' fucked and
N***a you have no idea what I've been through
I do the music so a n***a will forget, blood
Lost my virginity when I was in the 4th grade
Babysitter told me it's okay to get your dick sucked
N***a what the fuck kinda shit is that
Man I thought it wasn't cool to say back up I'm through
Brain be hella sick and I been forced from the get
I was threw up in the closet if I act up in school
I got a little bit of success with my label
I'm still hated tryna make it just so they look
I'm doing anything, I mean it even make-up
And posting funny ass memes on my facebook
Really I'm at the end of my wits but I maintain
Off of this girl scout cookie that I'm puffin'
I take a hit and then I look up at the sky
Because I'd rather die than live a life full of nothing
[Chorus: Twisted Insane]

[Verse 2: Twisted Insane]
Lemme see the weed homie pass that
It's funny I was the one who was getting laughed at
Your bitches titties in my face on my snapchat
I bet you everyone'll think that I be at that
But I don't want it think it's best for me to pass that
I know they only do this shit cause of my status
One day I promise Imma find a bitch who love me for myself instead of trying to be the motherfuckin' baddest
Bitch up in the club with your titties on front street
Man I promise you don't gotta do that shit love
N***as looking at you like you just some lunch meat
No self-esteem, doing anything to get fucked
Just got back from tour where your life was a bore
Every show on the road was locked
That's why its like a motherfuckin' slap in the face when I really see a n***a they gon stop 25
I did songs with your favorites and I made a magazines and I paying, what you n***as do?
I do tours around the motherfuckin world and always repping for my city, what you n***as do?
I climbed a mountain by myself and yes I did it with no help but I ain't stressin', what you n***as do?
Sit up on the couch and praying that I'm headed south and run they mouth a n***a wishin' for a million views
(Put a diss record out, tell them that im whack hoping that i say shit
That shits corny as a cob if you ask me) Removed
I pressed CDs and I gave them out to people plus I told them that you'll never find a rapper with a better flow
That's why when people give me CDs on the road I take my time I listen to them all because you really never know
My time to go but I maintain
Off of this girl scout cookie that I'm puffin
I take a hit and then I look up at the sky
Because I rather die than live a life full of nothing
[Chorus: Twisted Insane]