Twisted Insane
Twisted Lullaby
[Twisted Insane]:
By the way you looking at me
I can tell that you a Fiend
I wake up in the mornin' with the
Visions of my dreams, bada bing
It's over when I hear the bitches sing
With the Voodoo in yo' noodle And I catch you for yo' Green
I'm all about that murder in the night front drop em
With the pistol, Imma get you, make a zip to weed[?]
Nobody will forgive me of my sins
Get to bustin' with the heated millimeter
'round the block, I've been
Then I'm a monster I be all up on my shit, yeah
You wanna run up on me, get yo' chin checked
Bout' to make you motherfuckers feel the pain
Rearrange a n***a' brain
Let it rain, and then I get set
I'm evil, Givin' individuals
The ritual, then read obituals, And take the breath up out yo' chest
I hit you with this shit to make you trip
And get to flippin' out, you make out this room
Only doom coming next
Now sing a Lullaby and Make yo' mama cry
Skinning all yo' people, stick a needle in yo' mama eye
Kill 'em with the venom, get up in them and
I send a man to hell, "Oh what, the devil do enough to make
Yo' mama die?"
You get done, I'm so for real-a
You don't wanna smack a silverback Gorilla
Told you motherfucka's you was dealin' with a Killa'
Black Mask, toe-tag, so set, I'm ill-a
And I be on my Night-time shit if anybody wanna get it
Bring it to me, I will give you pain
The voice of a Demon, talking to me, Telling me to murder
So I hit you lames