Twisted Insane
Just some shit
Hey, when the album coming out n***a?


I like to drink, slurp
Laying in my throw-up
Couple minutes gotta go up
And all the fans done showed up

These other rappers are so what x 2
Obviously yes, obviously it don't take talent just to blow up

I'm like drank, and I ain't gonna rap about b*t*hes all in my whip, nope
And I ain't gonna rap about condos all in my wrist

I just drank, slurp
Laying in my throw-up
Couple minutes gotta go up
And all these fans done showed up

Now how the f**k do I walk out on these fans in my shows when a n***a ain't on TV
Because I love to interact with her remember one time they could feel me like I was in three deep

I'm at the bar and I'm ready for sh*t to stop
I don't wanna hear motherf**kers saying I can't hang
I like to drink, what you smoking dank? What, you in the parking lot?
Even when in the frozen rink

Stepping in the venue, I can barely f**king walk
I know I gotta rap, but I can barely f**king talk
Give me five minutes, I walk up in the bathroom
I'm p*ssing like a horse, but I can barely f**king stop

Done, now I gotta get up on the stage
Feeling like my motherf**king a** is over
Don't hang with this n***a, dangerous n***a
Really kinda faded, but I'm feelin' sober


Bending b*t*hes over
I'm from Minnesota, where the sh*t is really colder
But I really gotta phone her
My position when I told her, that it's bigger than a boner

I really wanna get a boner, so I hit her with the boner
Paying no attention, took a hit with this suspicion
Then I'm ripping everything when I get up in the walls
Niagara n***a, that's how I felt when I felt that pu**y melt
Hop on a n***as balls

Rain, pouring
All these rappers is boring
I'm asleep to the morning
Wake me up if I'm snoring


Wake up
N***a you asleep, sh*t is weak in the game
You say shot 'em in the face cause just they listen to Twisted Insane
You walk in the spot, fronting, so I'm roasting this b*t*h
I told them to pick their poison, they overdosing and sh*t

Well sh*t, don't they know this twisted insane sh*t go realest?
Gonna have n***as on shooting sprees like Tony Montana
I'm about as hard as they come with this music sh*t
You can ask my n***as around me if I really do this sh*t



Ask them n***as if I drink that 8-ball
But I drink so much you think I'm drinking p*ss
Pull up with the homies, now you sh*tting bricks
Oh no
Not me
I'm socking n***as up like I was Rocky
I can be by myself and a n***a still like f**k 'em all
They can jump me today but tomorrow I f**k 'em all

Take a n***a life with the four fifth
Hop up in the whip, then hit that corner

Running red lights get away clean, looking for a n***a
I'll weave that corner (Brain Brain Brain Brain)

OE, I need some f**kin more
And I won't stop until I'm laying on the f**king floor


They always tell me that you drink too much Twisted
And you need to slow up or else one day we’ll all be up at your funeral Twisted
Maybe you don't give a f**k and you living your life how you want to do, Twisted
Maybe I'm tripping the day where I keep making music and people don't listen

I'm sitting alone in my room
Flipping away through cartoons
I can remember when I was rapping on the stage
And I was too f**ked up on shrooms