Twisted Insane
Murda Klan
(Get murdered)
Somebody gonna die tonight, it's the murda klan

[Hook] 4x
(My enemies get murdered and disposed of)
Somebody gonna die tonight, it's the murda klan

[Verse 1: Renizance]
They know what I be about
When I get through, the more of them gon' drop
Ain't nobody finna get away from them shots
When I come through with the damn murder block
N***as ain't thinking they gon' get caught
Til I run up on em in they own block
Finna put the millimeter to they knot
Let it rain on em, watch them drop
Stickin em up
Them n***as better get ready to meet they fucking maker
Because I'm into spraying, I'mma take em to a fucking place
My n***as you know waiting and making a fucking mistake, taking they name on a plate
They ain't afraid of murder, mane
Fucking em all down
Serving all rounds
N***as in outbound
Still in the background
Finna burn'em all down like on Waco compound
They don't really want it then them n***as better calm down
Everybody oughta know better than to be
Underestimating us
If they really wanna play with us, bang with us
I can see to it ever wanna get mad at us
Pistol packing the mag in a minute match
For the clap, finna put the mac in your abdomen
And after that n***as ain't acting too masculine
N***as gon get ripped up, ran in an ambulance
[Verse 2: Twisted Insane]
Filling them all up with the venom
Cracking they backs up on the ceiling
Im the impeccable villain
Coming to patch you when I'm killing
I will lay you in the cemetery
Sapping up berries
Hoping he not scary
Cause you was definitely ready for the killing
And I'm
Coming with mask and the can of gas
Someone started running hella fast so I lit the match
Everybody looking at me bad cause I had to blast
Know that they be on me so I really gotta dash
Slurping em all up when I smash
Homie, you really don't wanna go head up with the killer
Pistol whip em, I hit em on the side of the melon
They mellow whenever they wanna get run up and get hit with the four rello
Chopping bodies to pieces and feed em to my gorilla
No where to sack you in that bitch, we gon' take you into the room
You ain't doing it for money, it sounded funny
But we just wanna see how much motherfucking meat we can all consume
Dragging his body to his doom
Fill up a murder with 40 ounces of liquid sick
And I don't give a fuck about nobody who assist
Imma hit him with venom, now isn't that about a bitch?
They got me running from the man
Hopping the fence, doing the damage that I can
You get beat up, we chopping feet up
For n***as that decisions to ever meet up with the...
"Murda Klan"
(My enemies get murdered and disposed of)
Somebody gonna die tonight, it's the murda klan

[Verse 3: Koopsta Knicca]
One little, two little n***a's 'bout to die
I got notches on my nine, please don't, bitch don't ask me why
I'm a pistol packin', sick satanic madman killa
I ain't from these parts, I'm from fuckin' mars n***a
It's some murder that I wrote
Bust a n***a head, beat 'em down to da floor
Hoe can't fuckin' with this mane
Koopsta Knicca gone insane
Make it pour down, bloody rain
Filled with bodyparts kinda strange
Whoopin' ass down to tha floor
Favorite hobby is kickin' doors
Desert Eagle, Calico, black gloves, chokin' hoes
Grimy bitch you got me pissed
Do I love you? naw bitch
Fuckin' with me you get burned
Told you once but you ain't learned
Hoe the Koopsta ain't concerned
I let you burn and burn and burn
[Verse 4: Lord Infamous]
Scarecrow apocalypse, burnin' the optimists
Deep in the denial, droppin' the opposite
I will demolish, chrome I just pop'em
You got a issue, yea, we can acknowledge it
Destroy your body like terminal cancer
Scarecrow I stun like a deadly black panther
Lord got a cult like my name Charlie Manson
Holdin' a n***a dead body for ransom
Battle axe bash in yo head, then drop you by tha river bed
Skull and flesh is hangin' from yo head
Leave you wit one dread
Deep in your neck of the woods
We not affected, I throw up my set
Then I tie up my flag
Got a 'Bunker-buster' like the order that dropped on bagdad
Muddy mississippi rip the pulp out of fresh water shark
Nightvision with .50 on a tripod just in camouflage
Say can you see by the dawns early light
All my victims torn apart like werewolves when the moon is bright