Twisted Insane
The Insane Asylum
Body ashes, pistol blastin'
Entire families runnin', look at 'em dashing
Hit 'em all up in the abdomen
Everybody was trying was in my planet
Damage 'em, make 'em vanish when I smash 'em
I cut myself with the razor, just makin' sure I'm not dreamin'
I really be needin' liquor, my n***a, blood I be fiendin'
By suckin' upon my semen, she feelin' she is achievin'
I told her you get ahead when you're f**kin' around with demons
They get suffered and leave 'em by the way that I'mma treatin my jizz and
Believe I got no sympathy, I am a bum
And my fans was the only ones tellin' me get up out the
Situation I was in, man, I was sleepin' in the slums
I hit 'em with a hundred rounds
So everybody running now
I murder with the gun and pow
A king upon the underground
Ain't f**king with that other sound
That might get really bump and pound
I'd rather tie a string around my neck and either jump or drown
In my crystal ball I can see it all
Everybody boppin' down to the Brainsick
Gangbangers, dope slangers, weirdos, juggalos
Everybody in the crowd on the same sh*t
Tell me nobody wanna keep hearin' that fake sh*t
When you listen to Insane you be sipping to great-ness
Kcart eht no akcufahtum yna redrum amm'I tihs
Kill if you have the will going ape sh*t
Livin' in the dark side, drinkin' redrum
With the mind of a serial killer like one
Gather in the woods for the witch head hunt
Can I be the first to know if you ever find one?
Hang with the Brainsick you'll be hang-glidin'
There if you get scared on the Brain island
Take another hit into my lungs
Now I really wanna welcome everyone to the Insane Asylum