Twisted Insane
The Wall
He has had a lot of encounters with demons over his lifetime that have been very destructive
Sometimes I, uh, realize the person that I hate most in this life is the person I'm looking at in the mirror
It's a scary thought
Diary of a madman

[Verse 1]
Why did you create me?
[?] to fade me
Alone, sitting in this room looking at this [?]
I'm sitting here this drunk off alcohol
Wondering what if I just turned it off
I still feel this pain
I still feel this pain

Sitting in my room, thinking about my life
Looking at that drawer, thinking about that knife
Never said I wasn't wrong but
Who's saying I ain't right
Toughest part is figuring out which way of the wrist to slice
F**k, I'm nothing nice
Maybe it's just this alcohol talking to me in the night
Telling me to kill, slaughter 'em all
Am I going crazy? Maybe
Hopping in the different dimension
N***as listen to me daily
The motherf**king Monster In The Dark
In the night
They don't wanna see me bring the dark to the light
I think about that sh*t, that's why I do not sit and write
'Cuz I don't wanna sound like I just sit here and recite
Fire flame, ignite
I am way to tight
To be searching for a motherf**king couch to sleep at night
Surrounded by the hype
Feed into the lights
'Till you wake up in the morning and realize it's just a night
What the f**k!

Ho Ho
I hear footsteps in the attic
Now they're closer and closer

[Verse 2]
Ghoulies, goblins, ghosts, bazonkers
Come into my room and meet that real Cookie Monster
I think it's time to raise a toast for the game, y'all
Cook a n***a like roast when I flame all
It must've been the way I bust with the game [?doll?]
How you stuck b*** naked lost in the [?] y'all
You just came out back like you can't even f**k the b*t*h
You wanna rap shed [?]
Yeah right, you ain't f**king with the Brainsick
Them n***as aight, you ain't nothing but some lame sh*t
Here you go saying that you run a mile a day
I wouldn't know cause a n***a move a mile away
I'm on top, no more couch top sh*t
Your sh*t sound local, I am what hot b*t*h
One of the sickest in game
You can Google me, name Twisted Insane!

Twisted Insane, Twisted Insane, Twisted Insane
Twisted Insane, Twisted Insane, Twisted Insane
Twisted Insane, Twisted Insane, Twisted Insane
Twisted Insane, Twisted Insane