Twisted Insane
100 Round Clip
100 round clip
100 round clip
100 round clip
100 round clip

[Verse 1: Twisted Insane]
If a n***a really want it all
I put one in his stomach
And I'm movin' like a comet
'Cause I spit it super sonic
Can I get it while I be on it
Motherfuckers that who will be poppin' a n***a and
Every time a n***a really wanna pull 'em, and I hit 'em with the chopper
And everybody wanna stop us
Like I'm runnin' from the cops
And they wonderin' why they are shot at
But they never hit the block
When I'm bustin' on that chop
'Cause they never know when the little n***a's wanna come and pop
With a (bang, bang, bang)
I remember cynical, stereotypical n***a's is hit-able
Never dismissable, never difficult
Inadimissable, individual lookin' like a n***a will put you up in a ritual
When your babblin' your "yabba-dabba-doo", and
I don't know what you were sayin' but I know it sounded stupid
I don't know if you was playin' but I know I gotta prove it
Everytime a n***as spittin' at a motherfucker lose it
So I hit with a (100 round clip)
The ability to chop and never stop I'm at the top
While you all sit around and talk about it
Really really hot like I'm a fully auto Glock and
When I walked into the room these motherfuckers want to bop
And I can hit it from the bottom I can hit it from the top
And I can take another bottle, I can take another shot
And I can hit you with that motherfucker
With you I don't give a fuck who sent you I'm a killer so I really gotta get 'em
Man I'm all up in 'em, walkin' with a motherfuckin' midget
When she got some big old nipples
And she got some big old titties
And I really don't wanna be rude and leave
Without taking a little nibble of food while I got a whole big old tittie
And I gotta take a little bit of medicine
Because my head has been shredded out of Excedrin and brainsick
Sick of n***as saying they the sickest in the game
[Hook x4]
Run around sick, never trip when I come with this shit
I am the chosen
1 to the head
2 to the head
3 to the head
When I hit em with a (100 round clip)

[Verse 2: Twisted Insane]
Tell me they really wanna give up and
Get to really choppin' people and
Finna kill em and fill em up with the venom and
Shoot 'em up out at this demon 'cause homie they go and
Get 'em I boot 'em up in the ceiling as if it was ben and
I hit 'em with penicillin
Perpetual wounds and I bury bodies and villians
Get ready for n***a's feelins, I'm murderin' everybody and
Doin' it like I'm Gandhi and fuckin' with n***as squealin'
I'm bringin’ the devastation I’m filled with the motivation I’ll see you all on vacation then anybody who hatin'
I'm poppin' the biggest waist and
Put one up in your face
I got n***as through out the case like I do with my go get 'em and
I'm feelin' somebody fade when I'm increasin' the murder rate
How was the music when it go and flow, it is great
I be choppin' up every n***a that be thinkin' they be choppin' 'em up into pieces
Motherfucker, watch and let me demonstrate
(100 round clip)
Hit 'em whenever they wanna run up and leave a n***a leakin'
Leave it to me because I’m really about the business
Diggin' up in your cranium, never should leave the spot until a n***a point the Glock at every single fuckin' witness
Fuck yes I like to play doctor
Got a butt hurt, when you heard I bopped her
I took her to iHop, then I hopped her
I'm Twisted Insane, yeah the worldwide chopper!
And that's how you get shit done
That's how you get it done

[Hook x4]
Run around sick, never trip when I come with this shit
I am the chosen
1 to the head
2 to the head
3 to the head
When I hit em with a (100 round clip)