Twisted Insane
[Verse 1: Ric Nutt)

America's Nightmare, young, black and dangerous
Hit a n***a with with the blue steel or hit him with the stainless
Leave a n***a brainless
Never is it painless
Wake up in the cold sweat
Both hands soakin' wet
Lookin' out my window, up and down the street
One hand on the curtain corner, the other clutchin' my heat
Watchin' out for the cheenies, or jack-boys and the beanies
They try to take my cheddar
With A Ruger or Beretta
Hope I never go back
Hope I never have to kill again
You wouldn't understand that, you suck like a Gilligan
Do you know 9 Milli is?
Or a head Blaine cotch
You two motherf**kers introduced to the {Burial Crops}

All you gotta do is stand there and keep the heat on this motherfuker
He ain't gotta do no moving around or sh*t like that 'cuz that's battery acid up under him, ya' know what i'm sayin'
I'm gonna go up in the next room up stairs and sh*t
If this n***a move, shoot that motherf**ker!