Twisted Insane
From The Dome
In the motherfuckin hell
Twisted insane , twisted insane n***a
That's what they call me
And it don't stop

Dome , dome dome dome - and that's real
Dome , dome dome dome - ugh
Dome , dome dome dome (this motherfuckin shit don't stop n***a )
Dome , dome dome dome (that's really motherfuckin annoys . I'm Twisted insane , bitch )
Dome dome dome dome dome - you motherfuckers won't repect me while I'm in for this motherfucka
Dome dome dome dome dome - see that motherfucka fuck shit n***a ass tight n***a

(I) Get up from tha dome
Half of these n***as can't fuck with me when in the zone
Up in a hot model when I be popping a bottle and busting the whip with the chrome

[ Verse 1 ]
Let it be known
Its on
N***as that running away from the slug
Here with a bullet you runnin' through it
But to do it i gotta put one in ya mug . It's ma
Bloody gangbang
Affiliation with the bloods
When you run up on me that would only mean that i be comin away with ur nuts
Piss in your mouth
Shit in your mouth
Fuck you in tha mouth
And then I cut
Given a fuck about the slut
Sick psycho michael shit
Sick psycho dick
Sick psycho chick
Pickin up in that sick psycho B-I-T-C-H
Motherfucker that'll have a ho right back
When I leak em when i fuck em we can go right back
Hit a bottle with a model when that dope right back
Hold that yak , blow that sack
Sicker individual that wrote that lack
Murder anybody wanna fuck with these
Hit him on the mac
A n***a take it for the clack
And for the backin of the baguel and the ho with ease
N***as with cheese
Just so be happen to be my enemies
I'm havin a good time and bustin away with the knees now everybody
Watch this n***a run from me - watch this motherfucka run
When i creep with the heat 1,2,3 - Damm
Cause I'm a real Rider - a real Rider
You fuckin with the South East Side - motherfucker
Watch this n***a run fron me - watch at me

[ Verse 2 ]
I gettin up from tha dome
Never heard the come when it takes to come to my waste
N***a don't wanna be the one that got caught in a motherfuckin murda case
He would be gonna come with the poison and shottin to the face
Gotta come and hit'em and hit 'em and beat'em when try to reach with the faith - take we to the brain
Then gotta get a lolipop then popin up the body that no one can stop then i hit'em til' they're vomit if anyone try to wutop me - take we to the brain
Using everybody to take from a cab and popin them to and ad then drag their body to the bag as I hit em in the mad when they got blag
Hit them and pull em to the past , get a mask , take a task to make them stop askin'
You bitches is too bad
So and over can't touch to his hand
You really if you won't you'll lose respect from weelment
They kept the property and kept forever fuckin these hoes
I need no advice and a bite to lovin these hoes
But the on a weirdo , sicker than sick then slick under the hunt
Lovin a hoes like she lovin the mean like dome