Twisted Insane
[Intro: Redro Killson]
You gon' get fucked tonight... tonight... tonight...

[Verse 1: Redro Killson]
Tonight you makin' love to a star
You said, she don't know the freaky things that we are, 'bout to get inna
Tryna leave her pussy scarred
Trippin' off this Bart Simpson double stacked gum
Lifted, she want a n***a so I skeeted it up
Came back so hard I tried to beat her to death
I'm violent, oh you gon' learn bitch, I promise
Fuck her till I hear silence and sirens, she's dyin'
Outta my mind, and she wanna try it?
Yeah you finna get fucked tonight, yeah
You've been on me all fuckin' night
So, we gon' play this song all fuckin' night

[Hook: Redro Killson]
Tonight, Tonight, Tonight... You gon' get fucked (x4)

[Verse 2: Twisted Insane]
Tonight I'm gonna fuck ya till ya screamin' and I promise that it'll only take a minute before my penis, getcha
Baby you ain't motherfuckin' dreamin' this is me, and Imma stick it up in ya deep until the penis, drippin'
She told me she was right about to cum, so I started to fuck her harder till she really got to leakin', fluid
She really only fucked around last night
She runnin' with the Insane, so I'll show her how a G would, do it
I knew right from the moment I met her, she wanna fuck
The second that I walked into the room, she was on the nuts
She never really came before, and I know she wanna bust
So I took her to the room, and yeah the feelin's unanimous (big fucking cock)
Soon as a n***a went in this bitch she was feeling euphoria
Couple of minutes later that bitch knew that shit was fangoria
Screamin' about "It's to big" and then it got to bleedin', and she got to cryin'
(Fuck her till I hear silence and sirens, she's dyin')
N***a the way I hit the window or the door and get to runnin' from the monster in the dark room wit' her
Hand on my dick like a firefighter
Finna squirt sperm in ya face like harpoon spitta
You don't really wanna get to runnin' from the dick
Because the dick'll get up in it
And get to pushin' in the bitch
I had the pussy comin', why the fuck it smellin' in this shit
And she was moanin' even when a n***a touch it with the tip
She's a freak nasty bitch, and love it when I get freaky and
Do the type of shit them other n***as don't do
I wanna damage and ram in ya with the stamina
And fuck you and fuck you and fuck you and fuck you
[Hook: Redro Killson]
Tonight, Tonight, Tonight... You gon' get fucked (x6)

[Bridge: Redro Killson]
Tonight you get this dick like it's ya last
And please don't be surprised when a n***a hit the gas, I'm dippin'
Fuck her face until she gag
She smokin' this chronic, like my pipe was made of glass (Yeah, she lifted)
She said she liked it, so I choked her to death
I'm screamin', she bleedin', we have colorful sex
She fiendin' for love, so I console her to death
Spread her bed across the streets, now she's a wonderful mess