Twisted Insane
Die Slow
[Verse 1: Twisted Insane]
I was all alone
Sitting with the 40 and I get to
Reminiscing, checking message on my phone
As I get to look and seeing what it was, I get to dreaming
Cause it was the b*t*h and she was saying she was gone!?
Wait, hold up, what you talking 'bout? I must've heard you wrong!
Is you f**king with a n***a? B*t*h, I really up and kill him!
Then I get to finding out when I was on the road that you was out there
Being home and bringing n***as 'round my children
(Around my motherf**king kids?!?!)
B*t*h, you really got some nerves, like you really never heard
Of the words that I say inside a verse, I will curse you
Nobody f**ks around on my emotions
You was thinking it was funny, I will put you in a hearse!
And I made a voodoo doll and it was looking like you, really
But you must think I am silly, I am serious to death...
Do us part, don't let me start on all that wicked sh*t
I bring the gloom and doom onto you if you ever f**king left...
Standing over you when you're asleep at night
I'm 'bout to put a knife up in your chest
What you really thought, that you can go and f**k a n***a and there'll
Be no repercussion, but you really think you're blessed?
Did you really do the sex? Did he make you c*m, get it from the back?
Did you suck his d**k, like you do me?
So you got to gobbling, prob'ly with swallowing, f**k him and feed him
Now you're wishing that you never knew me
Cause I really f**king put you in a horror movie
When they ask who hit it, tell them Black Widow did it
F**k your life, I'd take it with my hands, if I could
But I really think, I should put a scalpel up in it
And I'm finna just take his Adam's apple and split it
But, if I really did it, then the music is gone
And, I don't want to f**k around and lose my career
For a stupid a** b*t*h, so I put it in a song
But, what about your motherf**king kids and the stories
They be telling me about the n***as you're sucking at night?
You be thinking they be sleeping, when they really peeking at you
While you're on your knees, sucking random n***as' pipes
Walk up in the room, it's your doom, hit the lights
With the twist of my knife, you'll be laying in blood
Brains in my fitted, I remain hella wicked
Put a bullet in my chamber, put a b*t*h up in the mud
Die slow!

[Outro: Twisted Insane]
He told me that his motherf**kin mommy was on her knees
Kissin' this other mans pee pee
B*t*h i gotta sit here and listen to this type a sh*t at night?!
Sh*t, what type a motherf**kin sh*t that- the f**k is wrong with you b*t*h? What the f**k is wrong with you!?
And you actin like this sh*t is all good and sh*t, and like this sh*t is all nonchalant like everything is cool and sh*t you know that?
Do you think you can go around and do sh*t like this without reper- motherf**kin-cussion?
Do you think you can do this type a sh*t without-
I'm on a motherf**kin road and this is the type a sh*t gotta hear when I come home
You a foul a** b*t*h, it's taking everything in my motherf**kin power not to come over there and choke and kill yo' motherf**kin a** b*t*h
You havin all types a random a** n***as around my motherf**kin kids?!

(Die slow....)