Mac Ayres
NXT, Will You Be My Valentine?
[Josiah Williams - Verse:]
My favorite show comes on, on Wednesday nights at 7:00 central
If I'm at home, I'm looking to watch, because it's that essential
I'm out on the road, it's right on the phone
And I make sure that my laptop's charged
Cause I'm ready to see the next top stars

The girls and guys that get the chance to turn the ring up
Rising talent that springs up
Watching Smackdown and RAW
Yo, this [is] the talent they bring up
I look at the roster and I love what I see
And I wonder if there's room there for me?

It's been a dream of mine to see you live
Bring a sign
Meet the stars, see them shine
Get inside the ring and try
To see myself in sweet design
Redefine the standard performance
Not just simple recordings
More like ones that should receive an award
But, look, look, I

I really want to perform at the next event
TakeOver would great, I'd be honored to represent
This is my way of asking
I promise you would be satisfied
NXT, will you be my valentine?
Gotta let me know
[Mac Ayres - Hook]
I've always been
I've always been
I've always been
(Waiting on you)