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Pastor Troy


[Baby D (Pastor Troy)]
A-T, A-T, A-T, A-T, A-T, A-T-L HOE!
A-T-L HOE!(Come'on uh ha ha)
(Repeat 7x)

[Baby D]
My n*gga what you know about the ATL-A-N-T-A, GA my n*gga we swervin
??? sittin on Michael Jordan blinin when the sun be scorchin
Who that be me B-A-B-Y D from da B-I-G double O-M-P
I said it before but I'm goin to say it again
My n*gga we too D double E-P
I represent the dirty dirty south
Down here lil buddy we don't play no games
I represent the A-T-L
Eastside shawty and the Westside n*ggas on da thang throw your hood up
Make your shoulder jump
If ya hatin on the "A" then lock'em in the trunk
Ya don't know who you f*ckin with
But I'll bet we'll bounce on your motherf*ckin ass like it ain't sh*t
ATL Ho throwin up them "A's"
Gangsta walk on the motherf*ckin stage
n*gga watch me bounce on these sucka ass punks
Then f*ck around and got the "A" town started
Don't make me say "Ain't told you so"
Throwin bows to the nose sayin "Yeah Ho!"
Pastor Troy, Archie, and Big Oomp click
Add it up young n*gga that Gangsta sh*t!


Yeah, yeah
n*gga it's Archie
The phatest skinny n*gga you will ever know
Try'in to stop my cheddar flow holla at my beretta blow
Atcha dome and atcha chest
Wear your chrome and wear your vest
Had your home a bloody mess
Faked thugs get bless with a slug to the chest
Arch to the "I" to the "E"
Passin Baby D beside me
Eastside Boyz is right behind me
"A" town b*tch n*gga you try'in to find me
Simpson Road down to Godbe
These are the places that I be
These are the faces that I see
I die for the city don't play by me

You can try me if you wanna Archie be brin'in drama
Pistol carriers bury ya make you say "We The Bomb Ya!"
Death before dishonor put that on my mama
The phat boy representer 'till I'm a goner
Yeah! n*gga!


[Pastor Troy]
Pistol pistol my pistol banana fanna Atlanta
Bombin on the b*tch the young the filthy rich
The six I use to drive was live but under rated
I cut off the top and had the V12 gold plated
But some n*ggas hated they do not hated in public
Them pus*y ass n*ggas gon make me jump to my bucket
The brown one with the three rims
I whoop up on your block n*gga your chance slim
Do you remember Tim they call him "Poor Timmy"
I f*ck his pus*y over his hammy with a fifty rimmy
Think you are n*gga friendly cause I'm the Pastor
b*tch I ain't Creflow this ATL Ho


We rrrreeeeeeeeeaaaaaaddddddyyyyyy

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