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Pastor Troy

"Dear Pac"

Verse 1
Pastor Troy:
Dear Pac I know you dont know me but its yo boi Pastor Troy
Georgia Boi
Im writen you today cause Im sick of dis
Dis mutherf**kin rap game wit dat bullsh*t
I mean these muthaf**kin n*ggas bout these hoes
Tend to trust on any other two songs
They talk about chrome
These n*ggas won't kill sh*t and won't let sh*t die
But they thugs in da public eye
Why I
Continue to tote pumps but minus da picture takin
As soon as dem hoes jump we handle dat situation
Im tired of da fakin
My balls big as Alaska
Who wanna bless da Pastor
I ask ya
Before I muthaf**kin c*ck my weapon
And watch how quick they muthaf**kin ass be steppin
But it ain't nuthin to run for
Ain't gone shoot sh*t what you tote da gun for
Naw bra
(gun shots)boom boom
Its P.t muthaf**ka they lookin for me im at my mansion in Augusta
Im slick as butter
Da human canon ball
And make no mistakes cause i will kill em all
I never fall cause im to busy comin up
Im pullin my benz wit my monster truck
I cut a few friends but my endz still meet
And f**k sellin out cause I got love in da street
So Pac holla if ya at da Bahamas
Ima come and ball witcha it'll be my honor
Much luv for da game dat ya gave to me
Pastor Troy representin D.S.G.B
Much luv

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