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Pastor Troy


[Talking: Pastor Troy]
This A Story n*gga, This Asoga. It's lyke me, mii n*gga Portis, Mii n*gga goddamn Dee
Mii n*gga Santan, We out there in Vegas goddamn kickin it right, n*gga out there waitin
On a limo and sh*t, it's a bad lil bytch mahn, shawty I guess she waitin on her car to
Come from valet, I should've never holla at dat bytch

I met dis bytch her nickname was Diamond
I met her out in Vegas, she told me she was grindin'
A bad black bytch 26, her rings platinum
I asked her where she bought, she said she had to have

[Verse 1:]
We kept conversatin while umm waitin on my limo
I thought she was another hoe tryna drop a demo
When all of a sudden valet pulled up
Said here you go Ms. Diamond dat black Porsche truck
Umm lookin at dis bytch cause umm kinda in shock
She got her own money she got me on her jock
I peeped out her watch a nice rolex
The kinda hoe I need dis bytch cashing checks
And she walked away to jump in her kayan
All I can say you out here with yo man
Shawty lyke naw and give me a call
Umm out just relaxin you let me know wut happenin

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2:]
A couple hours later I had to hit her up
Umm way out her in Vegas and I wanna f*ck
Umm thankin bout truck umm thankin bout her watch
Umm thankin bout her rings umm thankin bout her c*ck
Shawty grabbed the phone she was on the elevator
I told her to get situated holla at me later
But she lyke naw what room are you in
That presidential suite boo 5410
A knock at the door bout 5 mins later
Slipped on my coogi slipped on my gators
Opened up the door and when hugged when we greeted
Then I grabbed her bags and I asked to be seated
Took her to the sofa came a little closer
Popped some champagne and I asked if I could hold her
Diamond said she with that let her use the restroom
When she came out I was lyin in the bedroom

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3:]
Diamond came out in her bra and her panty
Lookin damn good smellin lyke candy
Silky black hair milky black skin
f*ck dat champagne where that muthaf*ckin hen
Took couple swiss while she got under the covers
Took another swiss cause I know umm finna f*ck
Took another swiss while she suckin on my di*k
Then I feel asleep mahn I was drunk as shyt
Finally I woke up ready to f*ck
Last I remember I was gettin mii di*k sucked
I looked to mii right
I looked to mii left
Mahn umm in the bed by my muthaf*ckin self
Quickly I got up lookin through mii luggage
Never trust a pus*y all you do is f*ck it
Diamond hit me up for bout 15 stacks
I left dat bytch a message she never called me back

[Chorus x2]

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