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Pink Slip


[Part I]

[Verse 1: Lewis Grant]
Between a rock and a hard place, I'm losin' my grip
And if you think you can fly then you better un-clip
I don't mean to be crass, I've been learnin' my past
I feel alone when I'm with anybody
When I miss you, try to risk it, let another regret go
I don't know why, right beside me is eventually downs
I don't need these people runnin' all their mouths
Pourin' up some silence and a couple doubts
I'm still scared of tryin', what if I don't give enough?
I don't know what I'm findin', this is paramount
This is shaped in sound, please don't dig up what I found

[Part II]

[Verse 2: Lewis Grant]
Report, report, report
Send it back to me
Resort, resort, resort
To your only being

[Chorus: Lewis Grant]
Hella quiet, hella loud
Hella quiet, hella loud

[Verse 3: Lewis Grant]
Baby calls my name but it's dressed all wrong
Yeah, I know I sound the same
It's apropos that I take it slow
And I keep my name

[Chorus: Lewis Grant]
Hella quiet, hella loud
Yeah, hella quiet, hella loud
Eh, hella quiet, hella loud

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