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"My n*ggas"

This is for my n*ggas, my rounds, my rollers, my killas, my thugs, my n*ggas
My luv, my c*ck it back ready to bust

Boosie Bad Azz

(Now) If you love yo n*gga, Hug yo n*gga (hug yo n*gga)
Look em' dead in the eye
And tell yo n*gga
Tell that n*gga you love em' (you love them)

We started out
Smoking weed in the park
Visine in our eyes
Tryin make it home foe dark
Flippin off the clothes line, holes in our jeans
f*ckin wit these hoes mind, on the trampoline
Trippin off that purple haze, tryin get it off
Gotta find a junkie
At the bottom mad dog
All fights was crowd fights, coming up in the streets
And even if you right or wrong it on mane its beef (off top)
I cut class wit this n*gga
Act a ass wit this n*gga
Off that hide-go-get
Unless them hoes suckin di*k
Feeling like the sh*t on the first week of school
Till ya clothes run out now you acting a fool
Member when we first started grindin'
They was giving us hell
All the OG's was hatin tryin hog all the sells
But the OG's started chosen
We busted the hood open
And my n*ggas they keep a n*gga rollin

I Love ya

[Hook: repeat 2X]
Yeah I love my n*ggas (I love my n*ggas)
And all my n*ggas love me (They Love me)
Yeah I love my n*ggas (I love y'all n*gga)
Till eternity ( 4 life)

This for donkey, bleak, kirby, and my brother
Brunson Ed Lova and my n*gga headbussa
This for Jr and Big Chris off the GST
This for Ivy Ace and Josh who resting in peace
This for Big Turk Big Mel Spurlock and Big deuce
Big Slim AL too Fat Fox and head too
For Tony T. my n*gga Goola and Project Pat
This for Lil' Mel off the BL
For Titus and Timmy, I ain't seen em' in a minute
This for my n*gga Gator on the purple purple spinage
This for bleak in Angola (Poochie) Mook in Angola (Wow)
This for my n*gga Dee Dee knocking heads off the shoulders
For the families, The Hatches, The Givens
For the prays they were sending that keep a n*gga living
This for Webbie
We had that argument that day
He still came to see me in the hospital the next day
He must love Me


Whoever thought in elementary that me and yooou
End up in penitentiary
If I tell you that I love you I mean ( I meant that n*gga)
That ain't this liquor or these pills that's the way a n*gga feel on the real
Hung around the n*gga so much we like the same hoes
Spit the same game, plus we wear each other clothes
On the rode they be wit me city to city
They watch my every move quick cause lil boosie loss sh*t
This for Mouse and Bee, who keep my tracks coming down
This for my Uncle Dee OG out of Eazy town
This for my son tootie that's my lil n*gga
And even when Im gone im gone still be wit ya
Say Que a n*gga miss ya and I miss ya peeps ( Chicago man)
Who help started this vibe that made you leave the streets
What up bunk you know its love here from my block to yo block
This for my n*ggas in the cell block ( WOW)


I wanna thank that n*gga Pimp C for everythang n*gga
All the love believe that
I wanna thank my CEO Big Mel and Big Turk
For not quitting on a n*gga
Keeping me focus
Keeping my mind right, all the way right
My mind right, bread right, whateva
I wanna thank my family for the prays
The Hatches, The Givens and Trill ENT
That's why I Love ya, One moe time


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