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"I Remember"

I Remember n*gga
Boosie Bad Azz
I Remember n*gga (2x)

[Boosie Talking]
Now I remember everything
From them cold night on the block
I remember the struggle
I remember the shine
I remember they faces when they saw me shine
n*gga I remember everything

[Verse 1 - Boosie]
Outside with no shirt (I remember n*gga)
Talked loud in that church (I remember n*gga)
n*gga stole all my work (I remember n*gga)
Kirby took my lick in court (I remember n*gga)

Them plantation days, do you remember that
The good times that we had in big digem lac
Do you remember debra proch when it was hot and steaming
Do you remember when we moved shop down there by leman
Do you remember at the room hoes catching semen
Do you remember I busted two with the green eye demon
Yeah n*gga I remember cross the tracks
When calvan rich and kenny wayne had a gang of that crack
Mane I remember all that when E-40 was jamming
Everybody play B's and D's listening to that dayton family
I remember daddy-O when he put me on syrup
Remember Junior was 14 working with a quarter bird n*gga

[Hook - Boosie] 2x
Them long night on the block (I remember n*gga)
Went from a little to a lot (I remember n*gga)
In this world with no dreams (I remember n*gga)
Gone off X and codine (I remember n*gga)

[Verse 2 - Boosie]
When daddy left this world (I remember n*gga)
Tha nights I made them lil girls (I remember n*gga)
Grandpa preaching at church (I remember n*gga)
Grucen gave me my first work (I remember n*gga)
Me and big chris on the block (I remember n*gga)
Walk in the school with a knot (I remember n*gga)
Remember nobody ain't like us (I remember n*gga)
When I set it off with titus (I remember n*gga)
17 I was a donkey
Killing my own people
Serving my own uncles
Gave life to trell (I remember n*gga)
When he touch down I caused hell (I remember n*gga)
My first fifty block of weed (I remember n*gga)
I wasn't nothing but 19 (I remember n*gga)
When I first met T and Mel (I remember n*gga)
When y'all got me out of jail (I remember n*gga)
Yeah (I remember n*gga)

[Hook - Boosie] 2x

[Verse 3 - Boosie]
First time I rode clean (I remember n*gga)
Got my heart broke at 14 (I remember n*gga)
Member the first n*gga I robbed (I remember)
I remember them tears cried
I remember they killed "I"
I remember them pills I used to pop
That had a n*gga Frenzy
Same n*ggas I used to pop wit now they envy
Cousins frenzy I'm on some flossed out sh*t
I go to emmy when I wanna floss my wrist
Member daddy used to hit momma when times was hard
But it never showed on her boys cause her boys was spoiled
Member my beamer, my maginum, and my 45
Member my silver STS with the fresh ties
My old school monte' carlo n*gga, candy black
Member my Ram Truck
My old school cadillac
Member my benz that was black but I wet it silver
Remember my orange and black race car with them ??? n*gga

I remember everything
I remember (3x)
I Remember n*gga

[After the 4th time add]
Like it was yesterday

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