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"When You Gonna Drop"

I'm tired of all these b*tch ass n*ggas asking me when I'm gonna drop
I got you n*ggas now. Say Mel and T gonna get this sh*t pressed up (uh huh ) I'm Ready!
(I'm ready) cause I'm tired of these n*ggas asking me

They like look Boosie when you gonna drop, why not Boosie is you're gonna flop n*gga, un un
Boosie where been n*gga I've been on the block at studios, selling blocks, whatever it takes to make a knot

[Verse 1: Lil Boosie]
I ain't f*cking with this dubbind sh*t the whole world loving this
Bow down and suck this di*k you are the rap f*cking trick
14 15 I told that I had a dream
16 17 I was selling crack to crack fiens
I live this sh*t so get it right
My phone won't let me sleep at night
My Razor phone is prepaid
Them nextels they like AIDS
They Dangerous, They Gangsterous like all my n*ggas who hang with us
All my n*ggas who bang with us wear trill entertainment chains with us
I made you wait until the winter now I got you cold
2006 I'm in this b*tch now I got control
Gucci shades that's what I floss with
My b*tch don't window shop she goes in and shop for raw sh*t
I told her outside f*ck this
Let’s hit them with a double disc
Me and Lil Webbie we drop more hits that Snoop Dog and Ludacris
You ain't heard about this Boosie sh*t open you ears
When you open you ears welcome to Phil n*gga
Man I've been hot selling out the stores
But always lose my CEO's
Love to f*ck with gangsters I don't affiliate with hoes
First I got to do my promo shows that gonna be hell
Gotta do my interview like 50 that gonna make Lil B sell
Gotta ease my mind in with Reese Keese down ATL
Gotta leave the work to B and Trayl for the judge send me to jail
I'm thugged out but you can't tell
Was drugged out now I'm mell
Don't smoke nothing, don't drank nothing
You play me I'm gonna swang something
Since been gonna my feelings gone
Mane they did my n*gga wrong
If you think you're the sickest
Confess and say you did it
This album gonna be the sickest
That's on my pops
He put that dang-a-lang in my momma 9 months later I drop
He told never smoke rock
Told me how he hate cops
He watching over be the bad ass drop
Here go bad ass pops

Daddy watch over me the bad ass drop and mama ain't gotta work no more believe that

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: Lil Boosie]
I sick of a n*gga with a 100 bricks
Watch Lil Boosie running sh*t
We di*k hoes down for hours
While you one n*ggas coming quick
We flip these hoes like dominos
n*ggas better hide your hoes
We snatch you all hoes out Magic City
And make them hoes get ratchet with it
I'm di*king di*king down south new makeover
And n*ggas Louisiana takeover
And like Hova I'm versatile
Real n*ggas gonna retire
I'm be like George Clinton round this b*tch spiting that 45
With this little light of mine
I'm gonna shine
You ain't got be featured on my tape I don't need you n*ggas anyway
All my hoes thong drop
Yeah, I take they thong off
"Boosie when your album drop?"
As soon as you finish swelling
I'm finished thank you
Pull your draws up on your waist
Wipe that sh*t up out your face
And let's go get an Outback Steak
Cause Bad Ass done dropped today
This what you gonna snatch today
This the sickest dub edition since 2Pac done passed away
So you ain't gotta ask today
When I'm coming is you following
This b*tch in done with so ask about the Golden Child
Big stacks I'm holding now
Big Gaks I'm buss 'em
Big nights I f*ck 'em, hand cuff 'em, cause I don't trust 'em
2004 I was balling woah did you see the DVD
I can hear Pimp C hollin about "look at me, look at me"
I'm the spices in the gumbo
I'm the fries at popeyes
I ain't retarded I'm retunto
Compared to no n*gga at all
Cause I'm a dog
In the rock I'm a Pit
And I stopping for sh*t I'm full blooded
All my n*ggas go fearless from New York to Philly
From Detroit to my State
In Florida I am heavyweight
In Georgia got real estate
California affiliate
Jackson Mississippi got my back like thats my living state
Saint Louis and Mobile they clock steel and pop pills
Savannah Georgia they K kill can forget about J-ville
A-town and D-town they grab keys like rebounds
Arkansas is straight rage
They shoot n*ggas on stage
Fear payed and chess say
I end you f*cking career n*gga
Hit you with they steel n*gga you won't feel that pill n*gga
Can't no rapper f*cking with me
Hit you from my way look like Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili
Ask about me if you don't know me and that's off the top
He watching over me the bad ass drop here go bad ass pop

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