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"Diamonds And Money (Remix)"

[Produced by Jordan Granados]

[Hook: Young Scooter]
Diamonds and money, diamonds and money
Diamonds and money, diamonds and money
Diamonds and money, diamonds and money
Free bands in my pocket, and my wrist’s worth a hundred

[Verse 1: Young Scooter]
Bundles of money, hundreds and thousands
Rolex, that’s light money, diamond chains off trap houses
Earrings with the pot money, I splurge with the cap money
Don’t f*ck up the plug money, got a whole lot of drug money
I got on real diamonds, wrapped around my wrist
I jugg a lot of money cause I talk slick
Mix them diamonds with that money equal flexing
I got clear diamonds in my necklace
Saran wrap the profit from the water-whip
Mix that dope with that water, no telling what you get
I push a lot of weight, yeah I'm talking bricks
Every day you know I'm juggin’ for that profit


[Verse 2: Future]
Diamonds a big ones, Chanel and Hermes
VVS and my watches are VVS in my pinch
Rarris and Rovers, we was dead broke, now we got it
Leanin them mollies, magical violets
Hundreds on hundreds, I got the racks in a choke
Millions on millions, they got me under a scope
f*ck what you think of me, I pull up in that Ghost
I got straight off that corner, runnin I’m sellin that dope
Just send me my shoes and I’ll go straight to the moon
Future you rich as hell but you f*ck like a goon
None of yo diamonds clouded, you show and you prove
I’m a free band n*gga, that n*gga knock out the juice


[Verse 3: Young Scooter]
Wake up with my diamonds on, I sleep with my bands on me
Got a whole lot of dirty money, got a whole lot of dirty dimes
Them African blood diamonds, that Black Migo swag-pack
Know a plug in Iraq, them bricks for six stacks
But you can still melt it down, cook it, and triple that
I-I always make the work touchdown like a quarterback
More diamonds than jewellers got, more bricks than the partners got
More ice than the freezer's got, I splurge off these white rocks
Diamonds and money, fi-fifties and hundreds
Twenties and tens, Be-be-bentley’s and Hummers
Money and plug, diamonds and drug
Everyday I blow a check cause I don't give a f*ck

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