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"In Dat Cup"

Whip it up, and put it in that f*ckin' cup (x4)
Whip it up whip it whip it whip it up (whip it up) (x3)
Whip it up, and put it in that f*ckin' cup

[Verse 1: E-40]
Her needs is tequila and sprite what she likes when it’s time to get turnt
Break down a wood and I roll up a blunt
Then you a jug if you need one I got it
Won’t charge you much caz I flip my profit
My money is tall not short like a hobbitt
Breaking the launch chopper was in closet
Swapping these rentals and staying out the way
No time for recess cause husslas don’t play
Raise in the Yay repin the CA I might be in Houston or Mississippi
Would be cribs that we roll in the studio ho
Whippin up beats like a kilo a blow
Cups in the bow farm in the air
Couple a hoes and they dying their hair
Working the pole she let em know she a pro no underwear
There she go she right there damn she blessed don’t need press
And the breast derriere she wanna sit on my lap like am a chair
I’m everywhere like gossip barbershop top topic
I’m the talk gossip haters wanna catch me outta pocket b*tch


[Verse 2: Big K.R.I.T.]
I’m ballin with my n*ggas, hug up with my hoes
House party killa feel like I just threw a show
Ain't no chase a hilt 3-6 on his di*k
Henny in my system and a swear it make me swick
Fresh to death for real yea that’s how I live
Crackin on a seal yea that’s how I feel
Shawty show ya grill get em we the flex
Down to my last 4 try’na make it stretch
Dying to get a whip, pineapple and vodka
One shot there and shots up once she start I can’t stop em
pus*y poppin pros hit the floor from we call em
Hangin on my di*k screaming she just wanna party I told her whip it up


[Verse 3: Z-Ro]
Ugh, my cups so heavy I promised it’s bout a pain in it
I go my ride rent mobile if you ain't real you ain't in it
I put a 10 in this a 7 in that I never run out I stay with it
Turn up if you want to but guess what am goin do
Get up and leave it with an aid in it
Then I turned down, yea that’s right I said I turned down
I make sure the police ain't around me before I let this chris tree burn down
I cause I ain't try’na give the phone company no money
They ain't even want my freedom it’s about the dolla and how many they can get from me
b*tch I pour up in the water if the store close
In my two door 50 on 4gs I told super duper low pro
I love Dr. Pepper I love big red, I love mountain dew , I love creme soda
My n*gga E40, mi n*gga Big K R I T and I’m Z Ro call us Team Soda


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