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Nicki Minaj


Lil pio ft. grace prince
This song is with my sister

(lil pio)
Aye sister
Yea nice seeing you
Ok, look I am nice
Sister I can't lie I wanna see you
You and my music are the only things that
I commit to
Im living in OK
You are living in LA
Sis I understand you
I wonder what it is like to be the younger
Brother for once
To see you in person
To see you pretty eyes
Girl I can't wait for that surprise
I am so much of competition
Comon sis help be my motivation
You will be my brother no matter what
Listen I know you have been sad
Please I don’t want my lil bro to be mad
I will be the best sister you ever had
Everytime I see you smile
The world spins faster
I sang for the family one time
I inspired you for the first time
United we are
Brother and sister
(lil pio)
I see the future for us standing on that stage
Yes n*ggas gonna fuss with their angry rage
There is nothing to be adjusted
I have never been busted
My own love for my family has never been rusted
I can say something shocking
But it will have people a mocking
Haha I love you sis
We will make it
We will have to push it to the limit
United again
(end of song)

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