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Kool G Rap

"Tick, Tock"

[Intro: Pusha T]
King Push

[Verse 1: Pusha T]
The devil is a lie
You ain't broke bread 'till you taste the devil's pie
They say his laugh sounds like an angel when he cries
What better camouflage when the halo's your disguise
Them wings don't fly; your traitor is your neighbor
At your front porch, and he's handing you your paper
Bathrobe on, but the sword's underneath
And he wanna see your blood as it pours in the street
It's the mark of the beast
The meek shall inherit the Earth; the weak shall inherit the dirt
You each should have perished at birth, stillborn or aborted
Every street tax gotta come with an audit
Either your life, or your loved ones, straight razor or a snub-gun
From the village where the thugs from
Same corner that you copping all your drugs from
He a hero, but he unsung, I'm the one

[Verse 2: Raekwon]
Ayo homie, the chambers is 36, they new and improved
Now make a move, these guns whistle, sizzle up dudes
Who got big mouths, no power
Run in the bank with no dollars, got the nerve to switch crews
We better than the rest of 'em, my guess is the estrogen
And all the money we got, we move like the Mexicans
A cartel, compound, a carvel, a large scale in Scarsdale
I f*ck with golf now, Shallah is ill
Yeah, the coke is fresh, straight out of Bermuda yo
Or chilling on a beach in Boca Chica
With tuna salads and palaces, yo, we smoke out them chalices
Passing of the balances of bread to the Island since
1984, the blow was just more
Then we would come trough with rifles rockin Nike boots and war
A real n*gga's invention that came from a henchman
Who blew up, now throw the Wu up, that's my redemption

[Hook: Pusha T]
Drug dealer, been that n*gga half my life
Drug dealer, been that n*gga half my life
You n*ggas talking, but you ain't never seen 'em
Imagine being first name basis with the kingpin

[Verse 3: Joell Ortiz]
God, I was Lucifer's neighbor
You wouldn't believe some of the things these people do for this paper
Moving with lasers under Rugers
Make a move, you make the papers, lose lose situation
Sweat or blood, you get to choose what you bathe in
The chemists cookwork, the runners; footwork
The custies took work, the soldiers put work in
On any of the motherf*ckers who f*cked up good work
Bosses tell 'em: 'Good work,' that's just how the hood work
Northface bubble with eight bundles under it
Gold front upper-lip smile while I was hugging it
I lied, I wasn't Lucifer's neighbor, he who I'm f*cking with
My moms threw that snow in her nose, but I would hustle it
Champ hoodie, Mongoose with the pegs
Clap your stoop up, hit moms duke in her legs
That's beef n*gga, y'all ain't street n*ggas
Y'all peep n*ggas, write it down and try to be n*ggas
f*cking everything, neck heavy swing
Second-hand swept across that pretty Breitling
In that Nissan, Honda, Chevy thing peddling
Whatever bring 'fetti in, steadily I fed my whole team

[Hook: Pusha T]
Drug dealer, been that n*gga half my life
Drug dealer, been that n*gga half my life
You n*ggas talking, but you ain't never seen 'em
Imagine being first name basis with the kingpin

[Verse 4: Pusha T]
In this art of war, my pen stroke is Picasso
n*ggas get the picture I ain't got to paint the nostrils
You know my origins is over when
Fat black b*tches singing over organs
Die for a dollar, pride you don't swallow
You save that for the one you buying red bottoms
Yuugh! That's the price you gotta pay for it
All's fair in love and war, she masquerade for it
Woo! Jack-O-Lantern Push
Trick or treat, f*ck your sh*t, I earned it off the books
Now listen to me vent
When you sitting watch, it's like the tires being spent
Shots from everywhere, but they never make a dent
Knight in shining armor
Mistake me for the villain cause my vengeance is your karma
Yeah, fear is knowing you're a goner
This music to my soul, cause it's death before dishonor

[Verse 5: Danny Brown]
Check! Got the tongue of a pimp, raised by a dirty preacher
That used the church money to cop a new Beamer
Got the heart of a child raised by a prostitute
That bought his momma the rubbers when a John came through
It’s the microphone methadone, greatest ever etched in stone
You ain’t getting pus*y like your prom date had a chaperone
Popping pills got a n*gga brain like a labyrinth
Called the ho on purpose but I got the brain on accident
n*gga I’m your majesty, show up with a bag of weed
Rolled a blunt so perfect, thought it came up out a factory
My manuscript leave a man ripped of all his dreams
The insomniac with nightmares in sixteens
I’m a wet dream, dry sense of humor
Travel in class like a high school rumor
No one really cares if you embarrass us with style
Cause when it comes to them raps you been letting us down
So tell em why you're mad son
Gotta get it off your chest, let em know how you feel son
You gotta say what you say
It don’t matter, they gonna say a n*gga hating anyway

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