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Kool G Rap

"Above the Clouds"

[Intro: Scratching]
*I leave scientists mentally scarred*

[Verse 2: Inspectah Deck]
I leave scientists mentally scarred, triple extra large
Wild like rock stars who smash guitars
Poison bars from the Gods bust holes in your mirage
And catch a charge, shake 'em down like the riot squad
Invade your zone, ruin like ancient Rome
I span the universe and return to Earth to claim my throne
The maker, owner, plus soul controller
Ayatollah, rest in the sky, the cloud's my sofa
Stand like Collossus, regardless to whom or what
Numerous attempts at my life, so who to trust?
Who but us, to supply ya with the fire
The burning truth 150 Absolut proof
On the mic like Moses spoke in golden scribe
Survivor of the oldest tribe whose soldiers died
I notified families, we shed tears and mourn
But our hands are on the ammo cause the battle's still on
Sound the horn, we come rumblin' through the function
Precise laser beam technique to touch somethin'
When we die hard, they'll build a monument to honor us with
Humongous effect in the world, we could have conquered it

[Hook x2: Guru]
Above the crowds, above the clouds
Where the sounds are original
Infinite skills create miracles
Warrior spiritual, above the clouds
Raining down, holding it down

*To me, hip hop is a way of life, know what I'm saying?*
*It's what you wake up in the morning and it's who you are*
*You're listening to the world-famous Wake Up Show*
*We are controlling transmission*
*That's how we do it y'all, unifying hip hop nation*

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