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Kool G Rap

"Time Is An Illusion"

[Intro: Canibus]
Illusions of energy
What and when you see

[Hook x3: Canibus]
Time is an illusion of energy
Your energy determines what and when you see

[Verse 1: Canibus]
The double helix, necrophilic, 12 strands before they steal it
The Tower of Babel before they build it
In denial of Basic Instructions before B.I.B.L.E
13 Disciples, 13 bloodlines blue
And red that blend, 13 beats to rhyme to
Two suns cast 26 shadows behind 'em
Sunken oil tankers, drunken spoiled bankers
No Thank You, no economic anchor
Delta shaped doorways, double decked doorsteps
Remove brain cortex with Dr. Doom forceps
Co-conspirators combine complex concepts
I don't need them to tell me how deep my thoughts get
The horrible beauty, tragic but intriguing to me
The still waters is what really moves me
Seek and ye shall find, outside is inside without mind
Transcribe rhymes then outline
Skeleton head bare bones wearing headphones
Preparing poems in an atmosphere full of pheromones
Knock knock, who's there? you home?
No I'm not I'm gone, we talk through telepathic iPhones
System's immune, listen to iTunes since high noon
And trap cream cheese crab Rangoon and typhoons
Shark fin body armour slice through the water
Aquarius and Pisces inspire the harbinger
Missiles in the silos, subs in the ocean
Bombers in the air, troops in the open
Painters and poets plagued by Preying Mantis & Locusts
sh*t piles like cancer vultures
Slayers remain survivors, Firestone slash tires
In a nightmare inspired quagmire
Laser guided nano spiders, box braids over razor wires
No payload could break those fibers
We heaven bound, sought after yet never found
Remember then, remember when, remember now
The Sorcerers verse, put dark forces to work
Unleash evil elements across Earth
God's Earth, 1/3rd Cobra, 1/3rd Noah
Mixed with Shenandoah, 1/3rd Logan X-Man quotient
Two-hand Tomahawk throwing, Navajo peace pipe smoke
At the same time, that's impossible, yo!
Broad Head's warrior throne, honed from Cintamani stone
The same one King Solomon owned
In the 80's I lived by the Euphrates
Bred ten ladies and had 80 babies with a clan full of crazies
Who hates farts more than anyone, MIDGETS
Who's the last one to know the world's ending, n*ggAS
War, What Is It Good For? HATERS
There goes I for the grace of my creator
They lied, they codify, but why?
For it was not I who caused water to pour from the skies
Now you suckin concrete homeless, Fukushima fish eat boneless
Its times like these moments when I need atonement
From the innocuous line of questioning
The seraphim language interpretation is definite
Let he who is not lost show me your home
And he who is without sin, write me a poem
The Bolshevik will pull down your zip and let you take a p*ss
But only if he can hold your di*k
No yaw no roll no pitch, no bacon no b*tch
Just dead bodies smoking in a ditch
Praise the lord, Gulag George, beat you with a two by four
And watch the crowd scream for more hardcore

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