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Kool G Rap

"Touch & D-Stroy"

Warning. The Surgeon General of Brooklyn, New York...has determined...that the sounds you are about to hear...will always be devastating...to your ear

"And I'm hittin' 'em hard" - Da Band 'Bad Boy This And Bad Boy That'

[Verse One: Tony Touch]
I'm still capicu still sucka free
Comin' through with a little company
Now enough of this f*ckery
If it's that boom bap rap that you want, come f*ck with me
A brand you can trust
Killin' sh*t still with my hand on my nuts
Back by popular demand it's a must
50 MC's with plans to discuss
Plus (say what?)
I be the first one to set it
Watch what you ask for, you just might get it
Go for mine before I live to regret it
I wrote this rhyme now you can see where I'm headed
Not bad for a rookie
That's why promoters still book me while y'all playin' hookey
And y'all thought I did it all for the nookie
Off the third rope like looky looky
(Looky Looky)
Superfly Snuka
Hit 'em with the left right, left right hook up
Touch and D-Stroy make you look up
While DJ Premier cuts the hook up

"And I'm hittin' 'em hard"

[Hook: D-Stroy] {x2}
Ooh, why yes
You are now rockin' with the best
My rap n*ggas say "yes yes"
Oh that's fresh
C'mon and bring it out your chest
My rap b*tches say "yes yes"

[Verse Two: D-Stroy]
I'mma destroy
Standin' in my D-Stroy stance
Gotta shine like the glow in Bruce Leroy's hands
Out of this world wild, gettin' Leonard Nimoy amped
50 MC's, 'bout to rip like B-Boy's pants
Bushwick SON
I am a little nutty
So lyrical kids will love me till I kill your buddy
And leave 'em like Silly Putty
From this McGillicutty to Magilla Gorilla n*gga I'm talkin' everybody
Maxwell's Memorex
Tone Touch forever fresh
Headphones, hoodie on like Bill Belichick
Act disorderly
I keep whores with me
Cause groupies wanna f*ck a legend like Kimora Lee
Get up, stand up, c'mon put your hands up
Mosh to the tracks before they put us all in handcuffs
Yeah people tweeting "D is a beast"
Clean version I ain't bleepin' with you bleepin' MCs


"I'm hittin' 'em hard"
"I'm back and I'm hittin' 'em hard"
"Tony Touch"

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