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Fat Joe

"Everywhere I Go"

DJ E-Feezy!
Denzel Curry!
Yung Simmie! (808 Mafia)
That 305 Dade County!
Everywhere I go (It's what we do!)
Everywhere I go
Everywhere I go

[Hook 1: Yung Simmie]
(Everywhere I go) All the ladies love me
Your girl wanna f*ck me, begging me to hug me
(Everywhere I go) And I'm sipping muddy, counting up the money, you can't get none from me
(Everywhere I go) Repping my city, couple hittas with me, Glock to your kidney
(Everywhere I go) b*tches screaming Simmie, wanna get with me, but I ain't friendly

[Hook 2: Denzel Curry]
(Everywhere I go) Rolling with savages, crew full of n*ggas like civil rights activists
(Everywhere I go) Back like I'm Lazarus, it's hazardous if I come up and snatch your b*tch
(Everywhere I go) [?] she asking when Curry comin' back
(Everywhere I go) Simmie-Curry is magnificent, f*ck that other sh*t, I'd rather f*ck your b*tch, b*tch

[Verse 1: Yung Simmie]
Off in Carol City, but we call it the Blackland
When n*ggas get backhand, we hop in our black vans
Grinding every day, gotta stack up my stacks man
Sleeping in my city, that's how you get jacked man
I'm cooling with white chicks, they wearing all black man
I'm sipping that kickstand, while n*ggas get kicked out
I'm holding my wrist out, speeding in that Benz
Bout to pick up your b*tch now, she grabbing my di*k now
I told her to get down, cause haters is watching
You n*ggas don't get pus*y, I'm changing the topic
You n*ggas don't get fresh, you shop at Hot Topic
And I'm on Cloud 9, I can grab me a comet
Haters never matter, I'll p*ss on your comments
I'm cooling in Cali, I got hitters in Compton
Flying to Miami, got a b*tch in her panties
The way I drop bars, they should give me a Grammy
I cop a whole O just to smoke with my granny
I smoke all day the weed man my daddy
Everywhere I go, I be speeding through traffic
With a bad b*tch, I don't f*ck with the ratchets
My n*gga got a stick, he'll let you have it
Glocks under pillow, clips under mattress
Everywhere I go, I'm a f*cking chick magnet
Grocery store, pick a b*tch, then I bag it

[Hook 1]
[Hook 2]

[Verse 2: Denzel Curry]

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