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Mac Miller

"CREAM (Keymix)"

Got my swag shooter on, I need a brand new case
Man I'm fly as f*ck the flavor went King K
Paints on the road, fly as sh*t when we broke
Seasons four, winter, spring, summer, autumn
HP, BSB, HE, LL, O baby yes me
Hoes feelin, smooth skinning, drug dealer
Mad n*ggas be out on the yolk my buzz iller
I'm a ill n*gga, dog rise by ill figure as a little n*gga
Count G's now I'm a biggie in the dope game
Than these fellow n*ggas with rap names
I'm named after my block, Troy Ave lane
Chitty-chitty, bang bang, still in this street thing
We'll be at the bar, play Nets versus Heat game
Powder, what these other n*ggas sees man
See same cheat man, these other n*ggas weak mane
Talking bout their proud of me
Pay attention at my moves but I style for free
Many bum n*ggas styling ain't no styling me
Big riding never been transportation be

That's all you get for free
New York City!
East coast sh*t
Mothe f*cker
Get high motherf*cker
We getting loud motherf*cker
Aha motherf*cker!
Is you ready to die motherf*cker?

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