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"California Dreaming"

[Intro: Ras Kass]
9th Prince, Ras Kass

[Verse 1: Ras Kass]
Destined to be the illest alien in the West and
Bust out of your chest jump rope with your intestines
American Idol no Ryan Seacrestin'
Eradicate pessiman change your grade like a sexton
Sorry I digress then
I'm an archangel in the flesh in Gabriel's vest
With an encore crest
Screaming lets do this
Bark like DMX where my dogs at Anubus
Flow long as Noah's Ark 300 cubits
I stand on a square like 300 rubiks
You b*tch
This was meant to be
The plans of mice and men often go astray
Happy hip hop Hanukkah
I'm in the ghetto with a michilines fitted Yamaka promise ya
I'm Wilt 36 Chamberland
So rappers still in danger then

[Hook: 9th Prince]
From Shaolin to killer Cali
From JFK to LAX
Inglewood to Long Beach
From Watts to Compton

[Verse 2: 9th Prince]
Yo; I set it off like a relay
Running a race like a shooting star racing through space
Solar systems controlled by my rhythm
Brain mechanism died soon as I hit 'em
Blackberry holding my library
Gun laying under my pillow like a tooth fairy
Ready willing able
To snap like a gold cable
Or four legs on a wooden table
He should've stayed stable
No need for labels
I put holes in your chest like bagels
And take your cream cheese then jelly
Shooting my way out the beast's belly
n*ggas still talking
Now I'm gonna pluck that ass like skully
On my way back to Cali where the West Coast gods' hold the cypher like a rally
What up Ras? Two pulls and pass
Smoking that sticky looking pretty like Ricky
Make a good kiss left a hicky
Shout out to my West Coast killer bees
We got the cure for rap disease
So n*gga please b*tch on your knees
California dreaming in my fatigues

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