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"Tombstone Intro"

I was chained in the dungeon, banging, busting
Came from nothing but hunger, pains and suffering
Dunked in the cage for pumping, a younging with hopes
Of becoming the boss, running the force

No respect for none of the laws
Something because I'm in front of the broads
Some of y'all be talking but avoid the confrontation
It's one of them situations that'll be hard to walk away
From grown man, stone jam, Daniel taming the lion

Broad day, blazing the iron, hallways where they surviving
You gangsta, you lying, you faking, you hiding
I destroy batti boy, you taste it and riding

Made man with close ties to both sides
Known to get it and blow digit if the ho wide, for sure, right
Broadband, heavy hand, hit you with the contraband
Wanted man, A-Alikes salute me as I walk the land

New n*gga, kneel to Zard or feel the rod, no appealing the charge
Catch a bad hand, watch you dealing the cards
I speak from the heart, you weak from the start

I be sleeping with sharks, you be briefing the NARCs
Give me reason to start, I be eating your heart
I'm a beast with the bar, you be pleading he stop

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