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King Los

"This Is Me"

[Intro: Mark Battles]
Here we go
This is me, before the deal
Before the big shows, before the stadiums and..
And, ah TV appearances and the radio play and the platinum album, and the Grammy, and the lies, and the rumors, and the depression, and the hatred
This is me in my purest form... and, I just want to share that with you

[Verse 1: Mark Battles]
They said open your eyes, you got a lot to lose
No time to choose, get left confused if you don't follow rules
This Donald news remind these fools of when we shined they shoes
And picked up cotton, times forgotten, so we spoiled rotten
Nobody want to work, and nobody want to commit, so everybody getting hurt
I thought I had it first, but I guess you had it worse
I advise you learn to surf, this Vasi wave may save the earth, yep
Speak polite then take your purse, that's how it works, yep
Flee the scene, police sirens, see in the dirt, yep
Now it's another n*gga gone
Twitter R.I.P.s I guess we'll put them in a song
Tell his mama to be strong, but where did she go wrong
Would he be out here thuggin' if his father was at home, I don't know
I can't complain bro, three shows in a row and this ain't closed
50k in a month, that's a bank roll
Main hoe got my name on her anal
Lay low, but I rep it like a gang though
Vic Vasi dripping gold, where the rainbow
Came slow, cause I got to let the name grow
Trap town, we was raised where you can't go
FA on some new sh*t, too slick, I could really get the booth lit
Blew quick, now I'm chilling with a cute chick
But I only tapped twice like a new pick
New life, who's this
I'm really just working on my music
These n*ggas really told me I was foolish
You can't make it with a message, you just stupid (what?)
Quit trying to preach to these thugs
It is what it was, man they like selling drugs (they like selling drugs)
We don't really care how you feel, I don't want to hear your song, if you ain't talking popping pills
At least talk about some coke ('bout some coke n*gga)
n*gga, talk about the cars, are you broke? (are you broke n*gga?)
Talk about the riches (talk about the money)
At least talk about some b*tches (talk about the hoes)
We love all that crap, ain't you from the hood
Where's your blunt, where's you strap
Man you could've buzzed where you at, but you waited 'till this album to cuss on your raps, you're a loser
That's what the haters try to tell me, but I don't mind as long as my family healthy
I do shows, my fans crying for selfies
And I'mma rep the threes 'till they nail me

[Outro: Mark Battles]
Before the deal
It's before the deal, it's before the deal
I ain't gon' change, keep it more than real
That's a promise
Threes up
It's Fly America

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