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King Los

"Broken Wings"

(Verse 1)

Lights out
Guess we got no power
Time I spend with fam a week probably got 4 hours
Girl that’s hanging at the beep
I love so ‘lowe her
Expressing over beats ‘cause I don’t do flowers
Then I po up, my girl said “Hey boy you gotta grow up
I’m happy for you but what happens to you when you blow up?”
I said I guess who knows, f*ck a couple new hoes
Then go and pick ya outfit for the Grammys and the Junos
‘Cause we winnin’
Praying to the lord ‘cause I’m sinning
My n*ggas out here dying, we ain’t make it through the inning
See your n*ggas hit the field they don’t touch first base
Our n*ggas hit the field we don’t touch dirt plates
We never had a chance to swing for the stands
Although most of us are pitchers, we sling for the grams
I’m in the ring for my mans, to the girl of my dreams
One day I’ll look you in the eye and put a ring on your hands
And sing


Girl I know you down on me
But you ain’t gotta worry, you can count on me
Girl don’t worry, don’t fret, don’t fear
Girl don’t worry, don’t shed no tears
Cause I promise we gon’ make this right
Spread my wings and then I’m takin’ flight
But now we getting by on broken strings
But girl I’m try’na fly on, on broken wings

Hey girl I think I love you, with all that I am
Some days I wonder if I’m doing all that I can
I wanna show you I’m a star, but prove I’m a man
Then I go and f*ck some ho and say it’s all for the fans
You see it’s all in your man
I gotta get my sh*t right
Sad thing is she don’t understand what this sh*t like
I’m out doing shows, it’s hard as hell to sit tight
It’s not that I got options, it’s that I gotta pick right
See my puddle ‘cause I weep
Too many girls I smuggle just to cuddle in the sheets
Sometimes I struggle with belief
In a God, Bible scriptures muddled from my teeth
Unfortunately seems to lack the emphasis of priest
When I rob, they say that I’m a n*gga, I’m a thief
Only reason that I steal, ‘cause a n*ggas gotta eat
Doctor told me I should sleep, mother told me I should weep
Know she worry with the fact I’m losing n*ggas in the streets
But it’s peace

(Chorus X2)

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