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"When It Go Down"

Hunnit deep all my n*ggas with me
f*ck with us it might go down
They see a young n*gga flexing
Hater ass n*ggas want to gun me down

All the real n*ggas know whats up
And All my real b*tches hold me down
All them folks that didn't believe in me
Bet they checking for me when its going down

(Hook) x2
Im ready when it go down
I be riding round town
Ready when it go down
Im ready when it go down
I be all in your town
Ready when it go down

Talk to me when nobody can be you
Swear nobody can be me
And my pockets ain't hurting for no revenue
sh*t, and I ain't dying to be on T.V

Swear that Im the realest n*gga in the game right now
Got like 30,000 girls on my chain right now
And we bout to throw a party throwing shade right now
Yea they all ready for me when its going down

Your n*gga run the game, Boy that sh*t is such a blessing
Grinding super hard like we in the great depression
I be trying to chill, why these people wanna to test me
My flow is shotgun, y'all n*ggas is smith and wesson

All my girls cuffing I ain't even got arrested
Imma a baller baby bird man, been sell my lexus
Forked it off the first time get it on the next one
All my n*ggas with the sh*t, boy you know we young and reckless


(Hook) x2

She hit my phone when she in town
Play your position I keep you around
I don’t like to talk, flew in this weekend
And we get it started then we go retarded

I keep it one hundred
f*ck wit me wrong you a goner
Ah man its been a hot summer
You rapping or you trapping, or you acting like a gunner
I know a real gangster, that'll son ya, run up on ya
Then Boom, teach you something
Shouldn't done it in the first time

Gotta put on for my family its work time
Dont let these rap n*ggas fool with they cosigns
Girls whats up I'm trying to f*ck, no punchlines


(Hook) x2

[Produced by Childish Major]

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