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"Intro (10 Summers: The Mixtape, Vol. 1)"

[Intro: DJ Mustard]
Ain't did this in a long time. Let me see if I can do it
Let’s get it
Ya’ll already know who I am right?
Mr. Ten Summers
Mr. Never less than they
It’s third Summer right?
We only getting better with time you dig?

[Verse 1: RJ]
Woke up in the morning with a hard di*k
Baby gave me head for my hardship
Feeling like I’m Jordan or im Clark Kent
Look I can get fly on a park bench

[Verse 2: Big Mike]
Snatch it and run away
I will not be the one
Clips y'all extended drums
You will not see the day
Shoot sh*t and fade away
They like to play away
Pray I don’t catch a case

[Verse 3: Choice]
I always got payed too
In the dirt they gon’ bob then raid you
Yes sh*t changed too
Momma ain’t seen her son okay boy
Taylor Swift gay boy
I hate you
Can only be a set of stacks
Love ain’t in it
Sean Kemp 40 and the glove came wit it
Bought the ‘96 Pony and the plug came with it
A hundred thousand before I'm 30
No f*cks came with it
n*gga you pitiful, pitiful in the human form
Living through n*ggas who
Catch your move so they going hard
Ten Summers long, more money, more power
Learn to pump your brakes or make your horn louder

[Verse 4: RJ]
Aye nigas got lawyers for that though
Chickens in the tele I’m Castro
Never got milked I’m lactose
n*ggas got rich and they back broke
Tricked off your rent on the lack though
Ten Summer souls, I’m that cold
So b*tch I be good if we end on a bad note
Hashtag OMMIO caps on
n*gga I’m that bold
Good for the scri-natch, I been here, where you been at

[Verse 5: Big Mike]
Summers with the tin hats
Seeing Barbie where your Ken at
See your pockets where you thin at
You mess with the fake as you see
We don’t blend that I been that
That n*gga checked the playbook
Shoot a hundred, drop 40 like I'm Westbrook
See it with your own eyes that’s the best look
You flexing, I’m pressing
I’m stretch outta testing
I’m in this sh*t

[Verse 6: Choice]
Ready for my cherry I might be in a Benz
Loaded ass supper like Jesus and friends
Trust Philly come in red hot, Curtis and Jimmy
On your horniest day ain’t gon’ be no f*cking with me
And i'm with the crew...

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