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Dom Kennedy


It’s Lil' Snupe n*gga
I’m the motherf*ckin freestyle king
Mustard on the beat, ho
Finna go and rip this b*tch up
Free my n*gga C4
Yea, look look look look

(Verse: Lil' Snupe)
Check it, I said I only got a few homies hatin'
‘Cause it seems like all of you other n*ggas is changing
I’m steady smoking blunts – that’s how I be maintaining
Stay the same, b*tch, I’m going out the same way I came in
Ever since I got money people say I’m actin' funny
But nobody was here when I ain’t had none in my stomach
I only break bread with the ones who keep it 100
I f*ck with you, I’m stuck with you n*gga, that’s how I’m comin'
I’m from a small city where n*ggas never achieve
But now when they see me I make everybody believe
I'm supposed to be chosen and I’m thanking God that I’m free
Livin crazy, know my granny steady lookin over me
But I gotta get it, I’m going hard in these streets
Every night, studio session, killin all of these beats
Body tired, some nights, I don’t even go to sleep
But I can’t go to sleep, my whole squad gota eat
Wake up, I’m blessed, straight kush no stress
Thanking God for my success, my b*tches say I’m the best
I’m Charlie Brown in the flesh, can give a f*ck bout the rest
Been chasin after my dream, I’m runnin into a check
I’m killin all of my features
Music gets through the speakers
I do this sh*t for Denisha, swear to God that I’m ether
I’m in it and I ain't legal
n*ggas they better watch it
b*tch I’m the hottest topic, I put that sh*t on my mama
I'm hot, just call me lava, sick, I need a doctor
n*gga we get it poppin', we shootin sh*t like a rocket
f*ck around, grab the chopper, 223 heart stopper
Shells they steady droppin, f*ck everybody who watchin
The Boogey Man in yo closet, turn his ass into a sausage
Cased up like a socket, n*gga it ain’t stopping
For real n*gga, you’d better chill n*gga
f*ck the deal n*gga, we’ll run up in yo crib n*gga
That’s what it is n*gga, we roamin
Run up in yo crib, we in that b*tch til the mornin'
Put the guns in yo face, we want yo belongings
I got them dogs with me and all them n*ggas foamin'
Got yo b*tch with you, then you won’t die lonely
Shoot you in yo rib, while I’m invading yo crib
Sayin give me this, give me that
Need this, need that
Seen it on the news the next morning was no feedback
Jump on to my features, I be where the cheese at
Getting high as the f*ck, I’m askin where the weed at
Dream Chasers over here, n*gga we steady getting paper over here
Going major over here
Shout out to n*gga Mustard for the f*ckin beat
I’m finna kill it, these n*ggas know that it’s for the streets
A young n*gga, I kill it boy, I be droppin heat
I do this sh*t for my n*ggas locked up and deceased

Free my n*gga C4
These n*ggas already know that
I used to be broke but I be damned if I go back
I said I’m on right now
I’m f*ckin b*tches who be grown right now
I'm steady smoking on that f*ckin strong right now
And my kush smellin straight like cologne right now, n*gga

You n*ggas can’t f*ck with me n*gga

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