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"Long Run"

[Verse 1]
Time changes, new faces
Old best friends, new strangers
New watch just to keep up with the paces
New game plan, off to new places
I got a feeling I can win this race
I've found my pace
The only thing that you can do for me is please stay out my way
No come around my way, unless you got something to pay
I'm trying to find a place where I can free my mind
Where I don't need my 9, ain't to need for crime
I ain't worried about losing, focused on winning
God forgive me for my sinning, but this is the beginning
Ugh, I pray to God that I don't catch another sentence
Got a paragraph in case someone wants to listen
Yeah, sometimes I wish I had some wings so I can fly away
And all you haters talking sh*t, ya'll can die today
Uh, but I then think if I die today
Well if I got to go, make it right away
Yeah, cause I want to live dying
But if I got to go if I would rather die through trying[?]

We only just began
Yeah I'm here for the Long Run, la la long run
We only just began
Still nothing new but the money, still nothing new but the money
We only just began

[Verse 2: Jerreau]
And I keep my head up like a point guard
They say I got a shot, shoot for the stars
Please don’t fight my battles I need these scars, cause they make me who I are
Lord knows I came far, but not far enough
My dreams ain’t close enough
I lust for the touch
I’m infatuated wit private jets and such
To ask for, is that too much?
I remember mattresses on the table - no box spring, no bed frame
I refrain from sleep, these dreams keep me awake
I walk around in a cold sweat day dream
On my blackberry, emailing, plotting wit my team
Is it as hard as it seems?
Or hard as we make it?
I gotta make it like it don’t exist
And if you feel me n*gga pump ya fist
And if you love me girl, blow a kiss

We’ve only just begun
Yea I’m here for the long run, la la long run
We’ve only just begun
Still nothin’ move but the money
Still nothin’ new but the money
We’ve only just begun

[Verse 3]
Uh; Late nights early mornings
And my days are gettin’ longer
When does night become the morning?
I live my life on the edge
And I woke up hung over, wishin’ I could start over
In my lifetime, regrets look over my shoulder
I hope I’m gettin’ wiser, cause I’m only gettin’ older
I pray tomorrow I make better mistakes
I feel enslaved, I’m over worked and under paid
But I got on my favorite J’s
I’m jumpin’ out the window, I’m taking a leap of faith
And if you feel me n*gga pump ya fist
And if you love me girl, blow a kiss

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