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"Missy Freestyle"

Mi-Missy! (I'm Supa Dupa Fly)
Mi-Missy! (Sup-Supa Dup-Sup Sup)
I'm Su-Supa Fly, Su-Supa Fly
What's my name -- Mi-Missy!
What's my name -- Mi-Missy!

Yo, uh-huh (Supa Fly)
Icki-icki-icki-icki-icki-icki (UHHH)

Dag-gonit, who smoked my motherf*ckin chronic
I'ma brrrrrrrr pop one in your stomach
Get back, yeaooowwww funk, do you see the vomit
Fly across your face like a comet
Oh Missy you better stop it, every flow you throw
These n*ggas wanna cop it, all up in my ass
Like tissue, they so rotten, all y'all n*ggas
Wanna taste some of my chocolate, though you talkin mad mad sh*t
Why you b*tchin? Half of y'all hard n*ggas
Leave home twistin, then you wanna come
And f*cka-f*ck around with Missy, you know where I be
I keep, all my number listed, hey there buddy
You wanna come and get me, better bring your people
Cause I'm bringin mine with me, kickin your ass
Like a job I'll be shiftin, b*tch-slappin n*ggas
Hey is that Missy pimpin? Oh yes yes
It is me, yes yes, and I won't rest
Until the world knows the best, I want more
Won't take nuttin less, let me freak-it-freak-it-freak-it
Over the Flex, over the freak-it-freak-it, over the Flex
Over the Flex, over the Flex..

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